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November 29th 2010
Published: November 29th 2010
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An early start saw us enjoying peak hour traffic in Sydney - yay!

Don't think it was until we saw polar ice floating by under the plane that it struck me how far away we were heading. Awesome!!!

No taxi to meet us as arranged but there is a yellow cab booth right outside so we got to our hostel in San Telmo for AR$145/USD38.

We have already crossed the widest Avenue, wandered around a chunk of the city, ordered and eaten delicious epinadas, booked in for all you can eat BBQ night, passed a protest, looked into seeing a Tango show and managed not to fall through the floor of the hostel dorm which has a squeaky fan and termite damaged floors. Everyone has fallen asleep (fair enough considering its (6am on the 30th in Oz and we left 4am 29th). If they wake up Tash and Nic are taking part in the Monday night Jenga challenge.

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30th November 2010

Greetings from Ben and Brent.
Sounds like you're having fun. The rest of the class is doing music so we decided to check your blog. Looks great! Where are the ice-flows? B&B
30th November 2010

Antarctic. We flew over them on our way from Sydney to Buenos Aires. The plane did a big arc south and while everyone else was sleeping we found a big window we could take photos from. Very cool.
30th November 2010

In stead of walking around the city you could have walked from airport and saved $38.00. And planes are for sitting down not running around taking pictures
30th November 2010

Im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous but very excited for you guys!
2nd December 2010

Greetings from Jess
missing u sonia lost love
2nd December 2010

Hi Sonia, hows it going? I sat waiting outside your house but you weren't there linkering in the garden watching the clouds. So I had to drive off alone. You have been replaced by a lolliepop to keep me awake on the way home!! It is not nearly as good. I hope all is well, have tons of fun!! ps. shopping carts are even more dangerous in foreign countries, beware!

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