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February 23rd 2007
Published: February 23rd 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Febuary 20, 2006Febuary 20, 2006Febuary 20, 2006

The day I arrived in Buenos Aires
At first I thought when the time came I would write a "Buenos Aires: Greatest Hits" entry. A retrospective. I hate retrospectives. I´m glad I remembered this before I started the entry...

My first year anniversary has come and gone. Marked to the date. Circled in red felt tip pen. Counted down. And now, sadly, passed. I realize life is fluid. I have changed since Tuesday. I am starting to be confused about relationships and my ideas of Buenos Aires have changed profoundly in the spare moments it takes a train to pass a field of corn...
There are fields of corn in Buenos Aires...fields of corn.

F2 rested his hands gently on my shoulders and asked how life had treated me over the last year. He was wearing cologne. Later champagne was popped. Yes-life has treated me well. There have been many tears, a lot of scratching, and not enough laughs....but I am here. And although my feet are sweaty my calves are strong. My arms hurt but my shoulders straight.

I have lived life with a viciousness. Biting into sweet fruit and inhaling what blows my way. Through all the unexpected turns of the last year I can see that all my dreams came true. And now....

Now I need to concentrate more when I walk out into the street....because seriously folks....I have walked out in front of at least three buses this week....and I dont know how much longer I will stay lucky.


24th February 2007

enjoyed this entry so very much. it ended too soon.....

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