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December 18th 2019
Published: December 18th 2019
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The red wine was very nice
We did the usual touristy thing of going to dinner and a tango show at El Querandi. Rather than sit with the group we were seated at a table for two. We had been told in advance not to sit in the front row as we may become part of the show. Fortunately it wasn't that sort of show. Rather a very professional spin down the ages from the beginnings of the tango in the 1880s in impoverished port areas like Caminito St where there was a mix of local people and immigrants, down to the sophisticated dance it has become today. I tried to discreetly take photos with my phone and was very surprised at how well they turned out. The only problem being a slight delay while the phone adjusted for the light meaning sometimes the dancers escaped and I have a beautiful shot of them behind a pole! Any way see what you think.

Yesterday was the Art Gallery (surprise, surprise) which had a number of modern works that we hadn't seen before, one a very early van Gogh. Ian recognised it immediately but it wasn't until I looked at the tiny figures that I did.

On the way back we found an amazing bookshop the in an old cinema, the El Ateneo Grand Splendid. And splendid it was, and packed with people. Unfortunately it was the definition of frustration for Ian as all the books were in Spanish - as you would expect.

There are very few, in fact no, Christmas decorations in the streets. The ones we did see were in a mall, hotels or in shops.

We are all packed again ready to board the Zaandam this afternoon. I'm making the most of the hotel's wifi before I need to use the ridiculously expense connection on the ship where time online is measured in minutes, literally. I learned last time to make sure I logged off as one day I didn't and all my minutes got used up as I was online overnight! Fortunately they gave them back to me. It's not an automatic wifi connection like most places but you log in and off via the ship's intranet. Never mind I will just go with it.

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A box seat anyone?A box seat anyone?
A box seat anyone?

They also sell vinyl records

21st December 2019

Did you enquire what was done to the remains of bodies if a mausoleum was on sold?? Always interesting reading Jackie.xx🎄🤶
21st December 2019

They just said that whoever bought it could what they wanted with them and didn't indicate whether there was an official disposal policy. Makes you wonder though.
1st January 2020

Tango tango
Hi you two. Just got onto this. Didn't seem to work on the ipad, but the trusty old desk top has come up trumps (what a weird expression). The photos are brilliant. Really bring the story alive.

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