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You can swim in the pool  

You can swim in the pool

We had a swim in the pool
Dominica - 1999

May 5th 1999
A small country with stunning nature and one huge boiling lake We travelled also before we joined TravelBlog. We have started to digitalise photos from those pre-TravelBlog trips and we are planning to write about maybe a handful of them. We will write when we have the time and time is usually scarce so these blog entries will be far in between. We have however written one now and ... read more
Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau

Dominican Flag Dominica was the last of the Caribbean islands to be colonized by Europeans, due chiefly to the fierce resistance of the native Caribs. France ceded possession to Great Britain in 1763, which made the island a colony in 1805. In 1980, two years after... ... read more
26th January 2019

20 years
Nice to see a pic of the younger you swim as well as run. Your foray into digitising photos from film from earlier trips must be bringing back fabulous memories.
28th January 2019

On bringing back memories
The memories that come back is one of the great rewards writing travelblogs in the first place. With the old ones especially so since they are so far back in our minds and we haven't thought about them for so long. I think I will digitise more of my photos and write about some of the other trips we made long time ago. Once I get started it actually doesn't take very much time. /Ake

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