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Decoration on one of the buildings
Vietnam 2018 part III - Hué

July 8th 2018
Hué was hot - in more ways than one When we travelled south through Vietnam we made a stop in the city Hué. The main reason we went there, and the main reason most foreigners go there, was to visit the former royal palace or, as it is officially called, the Imperial City. This former royal palace is so large that it is not an exaggeration to call it "The Imperial City". ... read more
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Vietnamese Flag The conquest of Vietnam by France began in 1858 and was completed by 1884. It became part of French Indochina in 1887. Independence was declared after World War II, but the French continued to rule until 1954 when they were defeated by Communist forc... ... read more
27th October 2018

Imperial Palace
There is something about Imperial Palaces that evoke the imagination...usually of the grandeur of ages past...but to me the symbol of extraordinary power and wealth that once must have been. Gotta be such a jewel of Vietnam. Great post.
28th October 2018

Try to picture what life was like back in its heydays
When I travel I sometimes, too rarely I have to admit, stop and try to picture in my mind what life was like a long time ago. At the palace I did that and I tried to picture the life the royals had behind the palace walls. How they walked around in the palace grounds with their servants catering for their needs. How politicians ran around the court trying to get favors from the king or queen. How perhaps a thousand people worked in the blocks around the court supporting the palace with tasks such as laundering, butchering, baking bread etc. Thank you for your interesting comment. /Ake

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