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Hoi An au Vietnam a tout pour nous plaire. Grande ville, mais pas trop, atmosphère reposante mais vivante, plus propre que dans les autres villes, du charme à la pelle mais surtout pleins d’activités à faire… Hoi An est très photogénique avec ses bâtiments de type chinois courts sur pattes et aux couleurs patinées. La ville Hoi An, comme toutes les villes au Viêt Nam, sont très fleuries. Il y a des bougainvilliers en fleurs partout, des glycines… La météo doit aider. Nous avons eu un peu chaud aujourd’hui avec les 33 degrés mesurés. De bon matin, nous sommes allés déjeuner notre premier Banh Mi depuis que nous sommes arrivés au Viêt Nam. Le Banh Mi, c’est du pain croustillant et plein de bonnes choses à l’intérieur. Les vietnamiens ont détournés la baguette française arrivée pendant ... read more
Petit déjeuner
Lanternes. Pas nous hein !

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế February 24th 2024

Gestern unternahmen wir einen Ausflug in die Umgebung von Hue. Wir besuchten zwei Grabmale von Kaisern und eine Pagode. Vorher waren wir noch in einem Geschäft für Räucherstäbchen und ich rollte mir ein solches zusammen. Dieses muss aber erst einmal trocknen. Danach machten wir eine Flussfahrt zu unserem Restaurant für das Mittagessen und bekamen anschließend ein Fußbad. Am Ende fuhren wir wieder mit dem Boot nach Hue zurück.... read more
Ausflug in die Umgebung von Hue.
Ausflug in die Umgebung von Hue.
Ausflug in die Umgebung von Hue.

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế February 23rd 2024

Gestern fuhren wir in Saigon zum Flughafen, von wo wir problemlos nach Hue flogen. Dies ist ja die alte Kaiserstadt. Dort aßen wir erst einmal zu Mittag und fuhren dann zur Zitadelle (also dem Palast nach dem Vorbild der Verbotenen Stadt in Peking). Diese wurde durch intensive Kämpfe 1968 schwer beschädigt, aber danach teilweise wieder aufgebaut. Das ganze ist sehr sehenswert und wir liefen eine ordentliche Strecke. Abends waren wir wieder in einem Restaurant und danach machte ich auf dem Zimmer so dies und das.... read more
Besuch der Zitadelle von Hue.
Besuch der Zitadelle von Hue.
Besuch der Zitadelle von Hue.

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế November 19th 2023

Well, now the rain has stopped and the water levels have dropped we are able to get to the family we are supporting with our trip. The volunteering part of the trip is important for Way To Travel, and of course for those on the trip! A percentage of our trip costs are put into the pot to pay for the supplies and local labourers. We provide the unskilled labour for as long as we are in the area. Unfortunately, because of the problems getting to Hue with the floods we’ll only have two days working rather than three, but as me ol’ ma would have said, it’s better than a slap in the belly with a wet kipper. The family we’re supporting have been chosen through what sounds like quite a complex procedure, involving village ... read more
Mrs H, Miss M and one of the grandsons.
One of the grandsons.
Hi ho hi ho!

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế November 17th 2023

Well, the sleeper train was an experience! We settled in just after 22:00, sharing our pleasant and clean cabin for four with Liz and Debbie. Susan and Liz took the top bunks. The shared facilities were clean and adequate for the job, so once we’d used them, we settled down for the night. All the bunks were firm to put it mildly, and that along with the noise and movement of the train, it definitely let to a broken night’s sleep! We woke to a grey rainy day, looking out onto very wet grasslands as we headed south. Being in our third age, we were all quite stiff after a night on such a firm mattress, and welcomed the coffee trolley serving the really yummy ‘3 in 1’ coffee that we have been drinking in our ... read more
At the DMZ.
The bridge crossing the 17th parallel
The museum at the DMZ.

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế January 16th 2020

Hue's only a measly 3hr drive from Hoi An, so it's ideal for you when you're heavily hung over! The city feels a lot nicer than some of the bigger places we've been in Vietnam and less touristy than Hoi An. There's still enough going on, still plenty of tourists, but it's not over crowded. I've signed up for the Motorbike tour of the city, so myself and two others from the group jump on the back of two older Vietnamese guys bikes. Prior to signing up for this, we had to sign a disclosure confirming we were happy with high speeds, heights etc - so I'm not really sure what to expect. As it turns out, the whole trip, their speed was very civilized, I think mostly in part because we had a girl from ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế November 11th 2019

De seneste dage har vi fulgt fremmarchen af stormen Nakri som havde retning mod det sydlige Vietnam. Tidspunktet hvor stormen går ind over Vietnam og dænger landet til med vand falder selvfølgelig sammen med at vi skal på en lange gåture til citadellet i Hué som er Hués gamle fæstningsværk. Lige fra starten af turen væltede regnen ned. Man forventede at der skulle flad op til 120 mm regn den dag. Inden vi kom igang med turen var vi allerede gennemblødte. Citadellet blev bygget af Kejser Gia Long i slutningen af 1700 tallet og stod færdigt 1833. Det blev bygget ud fra samme principper som den forbudte by i Kina. Inden for de 3 ringmure og voldgrave hvad der stået fler hundrede bygninger. I forbindelse med Tet offensiven 1968 forskansede vietcong krigerne sig i citadellet hvilket ... read more

Now that I'm smack bang in the middle of the tourist trail, the Vietnam adventure just keeps getting better. After a fabulous spell on the beach at Nha Trang, it was time to keep on rolling. Although the famous resort town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, it's surprising how far one has to travel to get to Cam Ranh airport. Granted it's an accident of geography, but a taxi ride from Nha Trang is around 50 kilometres from town, including having to navigate a winding hill pass. But once travellers arrive at the clean and modern airport, it's easy to bliss out under the luxurious air conditioning. Vietjet airlines check in and subsequent flight proved smooth sailing, and before long I landed in wonderful Hoi An. As discussed in the ... read more
Gorgeous temple
Lovely Hoi An

When talking about this country, attention often focuses on Hanoi or Saigon as the predominant Vietnamese cities. Naturally, this is because they became the central loci of power during the famous north-south conflict. Sat between, though is Hue, the former capital city. In geographic terms, having the capital here makes sense given its central location. But Hue is more than a has-been from a vaguely remembered imperial age. Look under the skin, and you find it encapsulates as much about Vietnam as any of the other cities we have visited. Hue’s story tells of Vietnam’s ancient history, its feudal past, the French administration and, of course, some of the most poignant stories about the war. Today we learned about the formal strictures of Nguyen royal dynasty contrasting against the devastating intensity of the Tet Offensive. But ... read more
Just show me the brake again
Is that your finger or mine?

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế March 15th 2019

so lets see.... i left you all as we were sailing towards kagoshima, japan. i have to refer back to my daily journal. the same evening after i posted my last blog, captain cook announced there was going to be an emergency helicopter evacuation by US coast guard of a passenger at 6 am the next day. i guess they had to wait until first light. all the decks were closed and we were instructed not to come out of our cabins. passengers with cabins at the back (aft) of the ship had to evacuate their cabins and be moved to alternative accommodation. the helicopter was going to hover over the back pool deck so the pool had to be drained because of the spray from the blades. it wasn't going to land on the ship, ... read more
my morning view
hong kong island

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