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The Imperial Citadel  

The Imperial Citadel

The Imperial Citadel was part of the royal palace for 800 years from early 11th century until early 19th century.
Vietnam 2018 Part I - Hanoi, Hoi An and a bit more

July 5th 2018
Hanoi and Hoi An Here comes the third blog entry from our trip in Southeast Asia earlier this year. After we left Laos we went on to Vietnam. We spent almost two weeks there and we will now start telling you about what we saw and did during those days. We will this time not tell our story chronologically. We have pulled out a few things which we will write about separately. We'll start with te ... read more
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Vietnamese Flag The conquest of Vietnam by France began in 1858 and was completed by 1884. It became part of French Indochina in 1887. Independence was declared after World War II, but the French continued to rule until 1954 when they were defeated by Communist forc... ... read more
4th October 2018

good shot!

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