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Demonstration of One Method of Making Rugs  

Demonstration of One Method of Making Rugs

the other one works from the back with embroidery designs
A Wonderful Day Trip in Tunisia - Visiting Kairouan and El Jem - August 30, 2018

August 30th 2018
Thursday, August 30thwe took our first foray out of Monastir. Fortunately for us there has been another American sailboat here and we hit it off with Kathy and Jim. Luckily they also wanted to see more of Tunisia so we hooked up together and hired a taxi/excursion driver for two days, Thursday and Saturday. It is always nice to share expenses and it was a fun time out together. We had told the dri ... read more
Africa » Tunisia » Kairouan

Tunisian Flag Following independence from France in 1956, President Habib BOURGUIBA established a strict one-party state. He dominated the country for 31 years, repressing Islamic fundamentalism and establishing rights for women unmatched by any other Arab nation.... ... read more
8th September 2018

Rugs Rugs & More Rugs
Nice to hear of others with a weakness for the skills of one of the oldest professions in the World...rug traders! I have a house full of handmade rugs and now I have another country to visit to satisfy my passion...Tunisia. Any excuse is OK really! Having met the voice of the Arab Spring we had considered Tunisia. Your pics make it more than enticing!
9th September 2018

thanks for taking a look - definitely put Tunisia on your list if you like rugs - they are fabulous with quite the variety of types with interesting designs

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