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Rivendell - the house  

Rivendell - the house

View from the garden.
Brahmavihara Retreat in Rivendell

June 17th 2017
In mid-June my friend Caro and I had the great opportunity to go on a Brahmavihara Retreat in magic Rivendell, led by wonderful Vessantara. What are the Brahmaviharas, where is Rivendell (that much I can tell you already, we did not travel to Middle Earth), and who is Vessantara? The brahmaviharas, or sublime attitudes, are also called the Four Immeasurables. In Buddhism, they denote the mental s ... read more
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22nd July 2018

Rivendell - the house
23rd July 2018

Re: Rivendell - the house
It's truly magic!

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