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Singing in the Tree  

Singing in the Tree

Running away from Typewriters.

March 22nd 2016
The wind blows gently through the forest. Birds sing in the branches. Lush green mountain sides fade into snowy peaks, The trees get consumed by the high slopes. We are running. Higher and higher we run until the mountain stops. A towering peak soaring above the dark clouds. An incredible view - the end of the world and beyond. The dynamic path crumbles. Loose rocks disl ... read more
South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires

Argentine Flag Following independence from Spain in 1816, Argentina experienced periods of internal political conflict between conservatives and liberals and between civilian and military factions. After World War II, a long period of Peronist authoritarian rule an... ... read more
1st April 2016

What, no more albatross and icebergs?
We are certainly going to miss your poetry of those nether lands with their exotic wildlife and your wild exploits there. And I can't imagine Manitoba has much in common with San Telmo. But maybe there will still be some polar bears lingering at home, not to mention an arctic outing or two. Happy trekking, trekkie.

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