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Emperors on Sea Ice  

Emperors on Sea Ice

The Emperors

January 28th 2016
“I have often the impression that, to penguins, man is just another penguin – different, less predictable, occasionally violent, but tolerable company when he sits still and minds his own business.” Bernard Stonehouse. The Antarctic Circle - 66°33’16”South… The line of latitude that gets at least one day of every year when the sun doesn’t set and at least one day a year when the ... read more
Antarctica » Antarctica

 Flag Speculation over the existence of a "southern land" was not confirmed until the early 1820s when British and American commercial operators and British and Russian national expeditions began exploring the Antarctic Peninsula region and other areas sou... ... read more
29th January 2016

Anticipating Antarctica
It is one of those places that once you've been once is not enough and when you have been you long to go. I hope to get there again, sooner than later. Keep the blogs coming.

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