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Castle of Vêves  

Castle of Vêves

Castle of Vêves in the village Celles
Belgium part II

May 16th 2015
Palaces, saxophones and elevators for boats among other things The main goal for our visit to Belgium was to visit the town Baarle-Hertog/Baarle-Nassau. We have already written about that part of the trip. We had a few more days on our hands and decided to drive around and see what the rest of Belgium is like. If we are to give you a quick resume we can say that the rest of Belgium is very ... read more
Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège

Belgian Flag Belgium became independent from the Netherlands in 1830 and was occupied by Germany during World Wars I and II. It has prospered in the past half century as a modern, technologically advanced European state and member of NATO and the EU. Tensions bet... ... read more
6th July 2015

Extraordinary pics in this blog. This one is extra surreal. Position, position, position. What a location!

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