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Praying Monk  

Praying Monk

Rising, Falling

March 8th 2015
Rising. 5 am. If I had not taken a vow of silence, there is little doubt that I would have complained to Sean about getting up so early. The things I do for the promise of enlightenment. This early, high in Northern Thailand mountains, the world is still covered in layers of dusk, more shadow then light, so I rise from bed and grope my way along walls out of my sparse room and to the b ... read more
Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai

Thai Flag A unified Thai kingdom was established in the mid-14th century. Known as Siam until 1939, Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been taken over by a European power. A bloodless revolution in 1932 led to a constitutional monarchy.... ... read more
8th March 2015

Breathing in, breathing out
Thanks for reminding us of the crazy tribe of outside people where the real is. Lovely depiction of the teaching and process of staying in the present. Good for you two to take the time to stop and remember; I felt myself slowing down and coming home as I read. Best wishes for us all in remembering. May all beings be well, may all beings be happy, peace, peace, peace.
9th March 2015

Hi Tara, Thanks for the thoughts! Indeed, it was an enlightening experience, the challenge for us - as for most - is to maintain those practices and incorporate them into daily schedules. We all have a tendency to put those kinds of lessons as a lesser priority and allow the others to slowly eat away at us. But of course like anything, it is a constant process!!

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