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Glisy Airfield, Amiens  'Amiens du Centenaire'  

Glisy Airfield, Amiens 'Amiens du Centenaire'

Dog-fight over Amiens
WW1 1914 -1918

November 11th 2014
11a.m 11th November 2014 A Journey in Memory of those who gave their lives so gallantly in WWI 1914-1918 There’s a poignant peace amongst the quiet towns of Flanders and The Somme as the sun goes down. As if remembering. Bright the light on furrows deep beyond the plough reveal a past of sacrifice, as lambs now graze ... read more
Europe » France » Picardy » Somme

French Flag Although ultimately a victor in World Wars I and II, France suffered extensive losses in its empire, wealth, manpower, and rank as a dominant nation-state. Nevertheless, France today is one of the most modern countries in the world and is a leader am... ... read more
11th November 2014

Dog fight
What a great shot
13th November 2014

Remembering WW1
Hi Dave and MerryJo, There were some great photo opportunities over that weekend. One of the brighter moments of this trip down memory lane. David David

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