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Europe » France » Picardy » Somme April 17th 2017

Nous voila à l'un des buts de notre voyage... La Baie de Somme. Ce fut un passage sportif... Un matin de promenade de 6km dans le parc du Marquenterre et dans l'après midi un peu plus reposant le petit train de la Baie de Somme qui nous a mené du Crotoy à Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme. Avec un arrêt de presque deux heures nous avons pu visiter une partie de cette ville et y trouver notre dîner de ce soir... du poisson bien entendu ! Retour au Crotoy afin de revenir dormir. Se promener le long de la Somme mais aussi dans la ville médiévale est sympa. Ce qui nous fera bien dormir puisque ce matin 6 km et après midi près de 4 km = 10 que j'ai bien pu affronter car la marche devient de plus en ... read more
01 DSC02802
03 Notre caping au Crotoy

Europe » France » Picardy » Somme November 11th 2014

11a.m 11th November 2014 A Journey in Memory of those who gave their lives so gallantly in WWI 1914-1918 There’s a poignant peace amongst the quiet towns of Flanders and The Somme as the sun goes down. As if remembering. Bright the light on furrows deep beyond the plough reveal a past of sacrifice, as lambs now graze this placid scene bequeathed to those who live today. We can but reflect. This thrill of combat, this sense of duty shared, called to arms for King and Empire, few were spared. And so they came, the strong the weak, fearless and brave. Such is patriotism. With glory, gun and horse they came to battle, this war of wire and gas, machine-gun rattle, to give their lives to the mighty roar of tank and mortar. We will remember ... read more
Known Unto God
Ypres (Ieper)
The Menin Gate

Europe » France » Picardy » Somme June 16th 2013

The church bells rang this morning as I ran towards the town of Misery. I waved to a solitary farmer, then made my way down the lane and past the chateau. Here and there, lone poppies poked through the wildflowers, and I think I found those almost as poignant as the rows and rows of white gravestones we saw later in the day at Villers-Bretonneux. 46,000 Australians died on the Western Front, and as I ran along the roads they would have marched, it was as though each poppy represented one of them. Back at Maison Warlop, we had a lovely chat with Neil and Vicky and another couple from England over a very festive breakfast of fresh bread and preserves, brioche with young goat's cheese and great coffee. Hugo was thrilled with his pot of ... read more
Frank among the Graves
L'Ecole Victoria
Les Moulin des Chennevieres Giverny

Europe » France » Picardy » Somme June 15th 2013

Dead people. Lots of them. That was our Paris mission for this morning. We decided that a tour of the Paris catacombs might be fun, as Hugo was a bit little the last time we were here. After a quick but delicious breakfast in our lovely little apartment, we were on our way. Well, sort of. A slight bike lock key issue delayed us (it had fallen out of the lock somewhere on our travels yesterday), so we were an hour or so later than we'd hoped to be as we power-pedalled the 4km or so up the Boulevard St Michel. Luckily Bike-About had a spare key. When we reached the big circle at Place Denfert-Rochereau, it wasn't hard to work out where the entrance to the Catacombs was. Unfortunately, all the reports about the queues ... read more
The Lovely Bones
Sorting out the Velib
Our car for the next 6 weeks or so!

Europe » France » Picardy » Somme July 25th 2011

To continue our history tour of Europe, we took a tour of the WW1 battle fields of France, just outside of Paris. This was a fairly personal tour for Stephanie, with her great grandfather having fought in the battle of the Somme, and her grandfather (mum's dad) having been named after the battle of Mount St Quentin - one of the infamous battles the Australian's won against all odds. It started with an early morning train from Paris, and unlike the American Normandy tour, we were surrounded by Australians both on the train and the tour. But it definitely made the tour that much closer for us, having everything tailored to the Australian stories of the first world war. We started in the memorial for Villers-Bretonneux, one of the forefronts of the battle, where the Germans ... read more
Villers Bretonneux cemetery
Villers Bretonneux memorial and cemetery
Roo de Kanga

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