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Perfect Timing

March 8th 2014
Most people expect getting into the US to be the most harrowing immigration experience on the planet. It immediately conjures images of small rooms and cavity searches. Let me tell you, after only getting 2 questions from the officer at LAX I thought that the Canadian border crossing would be a breeze... comrades under the Queen and all that. I have never been interrogated so much before enteri ... read more
North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler

Canadian Flag A land of vast distances and rich natural resources, Canada became a self-governing dominion in 1867 while retaining ties to the British crown. Economically and technologically the nation has developed in parallel with the US, its neighbor to the sou... ... read more
22nd March 2014

Great adventure!
I love Vancouver and have always wanted to go to Whistler. Great photos and description, so I have an idea of what to expect. How wise of you to take those lessons, and hope you get to use them in Banff. Happy snow days!

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