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9th April 2014

Some absolutely breathtaking photography
4th April 2014

"Tourists see sights, travellers experience culture"
I reckon that is the best definition of the tourist/traveller difference that I've seen.
1st April 2014

Straight off the prairie!!!
From Blog: Lesson Learnt
30th March 2014

Changing time zones will get you every time
I'm glad you are seeing some of the cute Washington towns and enjoying our National Parks.
From Blog: Lesson Learnt
25th March 2014

Too True
Haha! Nice blog. Been there with the border crossing experience and can totally relate. I had to have finger prints, eye scan, among the interrogation. What a nightmare! Getting the plane over is even worse.
From Blog: Perfect Timing
24th March 2014

An amazing winter trip
Embracing the seasons is great. I've always wanted to go to Banff in the wintertime. Looks fantastic. Sounds fantastic!....wings wednesday, beer pong, trivia....and skiing.
22nd March 2014

Great adventure!
I love Vancouver and have always wanted to go to Whistler. Great photos and description, so I have an idea of what to expect. How wise of you to take those lessons, and hope you get to use them in Banff. Happy snow days!
From Blog: Perfect Timing
20th March 2014

Winter wonderland
Fabulous photos Mark.
From Blog: Perfect Timing
20th March 2014

Looks Fantastic
Just love your photos Mark, it looks and sounds like you are having a great time. Thank you for the contact . Take care and enjoy . Suz
From Blog: Perfect Timing
13th March 2014

got me thinking
Alright you may have convinced me to go back to the US...
13th March 2014

If you think that's good.... Wait til you go to Canada!!!
4th March 2014

Driving in snow
You picked a great place to have your first drive in the snow. Glad you continue to enjoy the beauty of America. Enjoy Portland, one of our fabulous cities.
3rd March 2014

It is a informative post , thanks for sharing
2nd March 2014

Waterfalls, volcanoes and the Columbia River Gorge!
Great photos of some of my favorite countryside! Happy trails!
28th February 2014

AAA Plus
Sounds like you scored a more reliable set of wheels. Also sounds as if you scored a fortuitous place to break down as it turned out. Wouldn't have happened if you hadn't spend the time with Dave & Merry Jo. Always pays to have an up side.
26th February 2014

from little things...
How lovely was Nancy?? So glad you sorted your car issue so efficiently!
26th February 2014

Kind and friendly Americans
Most Americans are like the ones you met and not like the ones you read about in the news. So sorry the car gave out on you. It was wonderful meeting you. Hope the rest of your trip is smooth sailing. Those redwoods are very special.
26th February 2014

Love your quote
"If someone ever tells you that every second of everyday of their travel went according to plan then they weren't doing it right. " Amen, brother. And that's what makes travel fun.
19th February 2014

The US of A...
Hope you've recovered from the bug... there's nothing worse than having to navigate unfamiliar territory when you feel like crap. The public transport system sounds very much like Hobart's - although the roads are far from congested over here.
18th February 2014

Memorable highways
Glad you are catching some amazing drives and the elephant seals are worth watching. Looking forward to your time in SF.
15th February 2014

My hometown!
I'm so glad that you stopped in Santa Barbara, my hometown, and didn't just drive past it--your photos made me a bit homesick. So sorry about the weather; until about a week ago, we were in the midst of a sunny, beautiful drought. Elephant seals, Hearst Castle, Big Sur--so many greats on Route 1 (tricky driving even for us natives). If you return to Monterey, hope you can visit the amazing aquarium there. Look forward to San Fran, the best CA city.
14th February 2014

great to see so far so good. chris
13th February 2014

Great story
Had a good chuckle with this story, well written, entertaining and informative. Travel safe. Bernie
13th February 2014
Marlborough - Giesen Estate Lunch

Looks like you are suffering
Now that is a lunch!
From Blog: Too Many Choices
13th February 2014

LA Traffic
Years ago I lived in LA for a short time and my apartment looked out over the intersection of two major interstates crossing. On a cool winter evening I'd sit on the balcony and watch the traffic. As it got dark and their lights came on it was rather beautiful. I felt bad for them moving so slowly but it was my entertainment. I had to wonder how many hours of their life they sat going no where. Glad you are feeling better and took a down day. Looking forward to meeting you.

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