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Calvi Port  

Calvi Port

The water ain't half clear
On Course En Corse

September 24th 2012
It's dotted with names that are a glimpse of its Genoese history but it's not Italian. The locals speak French, although for many it's a second language, and they are governed by the tricolours, but come Bastille Day you won't see too many hands on hearts when the band strikes up La Marsellaise. Grill a Corsican on his nationality and he'll probably say just that, he's Corsican. Over the centuri ... read more
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French Flag Although ultimately a victor in World Wars I and II, France suffered extensive losses in its empire, wealth, manpower, and rank as a dominant nation-state. Nevertheless, France today is one of the most modern countries in the world and is a leader am... ... read more
14th September 2015

Longing for the seas
Amazingly beautiful
23rd September 2015

thanks guys.
By the way, what are you two up to?

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