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21st July 2017

Beautiful scenery
Nice photo
21st July 2017

Thanks guys
If you ever saw Crocodile Dundee, that was the location for a scene or two.
18th July 2017

Appreciate you sharing
Love reading [and chuckling], Yeatsey! You two never age and you live life to the fullest; something to emulate, no doubt. Hug that wife of yours and can't wait to read the next post!!
14th June 2017

enjoying your trip
great travel blog gaz really enjoy your writes
19th June 2017

You're famous.
Everywhere we go there are signs by the side of the road with your name on it. Coincidence is whenever we see DIP the car always bottoms out at a low point in the road.
13th June 2017

Awesome Bumps!
Hey Gary and Penny What an awesome trip! ... minus the bugs ?!! Dad was up that way in the war so it brought back memories. Maybe next year for me ?? Take care God bless :))
19th June 2017

Thanks Al
Better to go now than during war time.
8th June 2017
Echidna Chasm

Great divide
One this one
8th June 2017
Echidna Chasm

Great Divide. Clever.
Can I use that line. I wish I'd written it.
26th May 2017

Following in your footsteps
Happy Anniversary, congratulations on all those years of wedded bliss! A jam packed quarter of a century goes in a blink. We were married barefoot on a beach in Barbados so every 5 years we like to celebrate on an island. At 5 years we went back to Barbados, 10 was Fiji, 15 was Sanibel Island Florida and 20 was Ireland. Always thinking of the next island to celebrate the next 5. You can't go wrong no matter what you decide. Your meal sounds fantastic. Forget the money. 25 is amazing. A few years back on New Years Eve Dave put the names of 6 countries on pieces of paper and I put 6 on pieces of paper. At a small gathering we had people pull our countries out of a bowl and the last country pulled out was our trip location. It was a great deal of fun. We had no idea which countries each had selected. The interesting thing is we only had 2 countries in common. On any given week they just as easily could have been the same.... but that year we went to Nepal because our friends picked it out of the bowl. Every one had great fun.
8th June 2017

You guys put us to shame
But I love it. In fact I'm going to steal your idea for our 30th.
24th May 2017

All Fabulous!
You've really cracked an awesome marital model! Congratulations you two! xxx
22nd May 2017

Fantastic - if only I could remember the date of ours!
21st May 2017

Happy 25th Anniversary!
While I tend to agree that camping can be feral, this sounds like a rather romantic trip :)
21st May 2017

Ha ha
If we can survive the next 5 weeks, 30 years will be a piece of cake
21st May 2017

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary!!!
I like the idea of throwing a dart at the map of the world to select the destination for your 30th.
24th April 2017

Serenity Now
This looks and sounds amazing. Such Nice photography.
22nd April 2017

Surf baby
Glad discretion was still the best part of valour!
22nd April 2017

Definitely on the viewing list - we will make it one day, probably sooner rather than later - love the superlatives!
23rd April 2017

Come on down.
It's a little touch of England in the Southern Hemisphere.
22nd April 2017
Wineglass Bay

We love that view. Makes us want to go back
23rd April 2017
Wineglass Bay

Please do.
We'd love to have you back.
21st April 2017

Enjoyable read
As always an enjoyable read from this author....
21st April 2017

Ah shucks
You're too kind Timmy.

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