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10th February 2016
Anyone for tennis?

You never go wrong if you quote Monty Python
You can't go wrong if you throw in a Monty Python quote in your blog entry. Thanks for doing that, it made me smile. Because the quote was deliberate, wasn't it? /Ake
11th February 2016
Anyone for tennis?

Yes the Monty Python reference was intended.
Tennis as a blood sport, who would've thunk it.
10th February 2016

The Aussie Open
Each year epic battles, usually the difference between winning and losing is self belief...then the winners of human. This years Women's Final was one of the best I've seen...on TV. I can only imagine how amazing it would have been watching it in the stands at Centre Court. I've watched many matches live in Sydney...used to score tickets for the Indoor Finals for many years. I've played White City Centre Court as a kid...played an aging Ken Rosewall years later who whipped me solid . But to be at a Melbourne Aussie Open final...reckon from your blog I've gotta make that a priority. Off the couch and onto Centre Court. See you there next year?
11th February 2016

Yeah I'll be there next year.
We usually go for the first week but I'm now keen to go to a final. As for Ken Rosewall, I have spoken to him. Actually he spoke to me. He said, "Thank you ball boys". Yes, I was ball boy at the 1971 NSW Open, which he won by the way. See you there next year.
9th February 2016

The Open...a great time.
We had the chance to go to the Open back in 2008 and had a grand time while in Melbourne. Really enjoyed your blog. Here is ours from back then......
10th February 2016

Nice piece
I wish I'd read yours first so I could have plaegerised a few bits and pieces
11th January 2016

Sonoma Valley
We've lived in California wine country so we enjoyed reading about the Barossa Valley.
From Blog: Psalm 104:15
12th January 2016

Still yet to visit the Californian wine regions
Napa and the rest were on our rough itinerary last time in the States but alas we didn't make it. a reason to return.
From Blog: Psalm 104:15
16th October 2015
Plantation Island

Thanks again guys
Man you are loyal.
13th October 2015
More of the same at Muscat Cove

Muscat Cove
I love this pic...takes me there
13th October 2015

Work work work
Talk about a slave driver. Man you're on holidays and all you can think of is that others have to work work work. Or is it that you love work so much...but only if you can sit and watch it for hours?
13th October 2015

Fiji :)
Great spots Gary and Penny - and it would be great to surf Cloudbreak , Mini's or Restaurants at a nice size :) :)
13th October 2015

We surfed Cloudbreak a few times and its a heavy wave. Got a few beauties and plenty of thrashings.
27th September 2015

Love it!
Hey you two, glad to read you made it up to the GBR! Great reading about it and as usual, you had me chuckling. Hope to see you again sometime. Enjoyed our times together...will never forget 'em!
25th September 2015

Addressing the Imbalance
Delighted to read this tongue in cheek ditty...enough to put off those who can't do beautiful without only thinking of their wallets...enough to entice those who can see through your cunning plan. You can't say too much about how good northern Queensland is or it will be overrun by overseas tourists!!! Much better to keep a few secrets to ourselves I reckon. Beautiful one day...aaah.
26th September 2015

Long time no hear
Dancing Dave. Long time no hear even though I do keep an eye on what you are up to. Keep up the good travels.
24th September 2015

Awesome part of Oz Gary and Penny!
Let you know what I think... Where I go there too!
24th September 2015
Whitehaven Beach

This is just heaven on earth! Make's me want to book another trip to australia.
24th September 2015
Whitehaven Beach

You'd be welcome any time
At least now its getting cheaper with foreign bucks. Come on over Josevich.
24th September 2015
Whitehaven Beach

Queensland--Beautiful and Bank Breaking Everyday!
Been there, done that! Bravo to you two intrepid travelers for exploring your mythical northern reaches, so you can tell us clueless all about it, and we don't have to go broke doing so. Ho--dead kangaroos, a rain forest overrun by wild tourists (surely in large, loud groups), and an expensive cat sail where you get to empty the toilets. Thank goodness for utopian delights through the Whitsundays and plentiful, hedonistic sunset wine that can make up for much--ya done good! Thank goodness I don't need to be there and do that!
24th September 2015
Whitehaven Beach

Thanks again Tara
My most faithful reader Tara
14th September 2015
Calvi Port

Longing for the seas
Amazingly beautiful
23rd September 2015
Calvi Port

thanks guys.
By the way, what are you two up to?

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