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Cave Dwelling  

Cave Dwelling

The Rose City - Petra

July 23rd 2012
Bus to Petra It all started with a public transport bus packed with a few tourist groups and then one big group of 17 loud, fun arabs. I was in the latter. The 3 hour bus ride to Petra from Amman seemed short with the different arabic songs being sung and plenty of new people to get to know. The group was made up of a lot of Laila's friends I had already met, but a few new ones ... read more
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Jordanian Flag For most of its history since independence from British administration in 1946, Jordan was ruled by King HUSSEIN (1953-99). A pragmatic ruler, he successfully navigated competing pressures from the major powers (US, USSR, and UK), various Arab states... ... read more
26th July 2012

Photograph critique
Equal to my favourite photograph on this blog. What I like about this photo: 1) Tight framing, 2) Plain background that doesn't detract from the subject (you), 3) Reflected sunlight (far superior in human portraits than direct sunlight). Suggestion for improvement: 1) Wear a thawb (ankle length-garment) next time ;-)

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