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A neighbour's house  

A neighbour's house

Caballos de Luz - Horse Riding in Uruguay

May 25th 2012
We arrived by bus at Rocha at 10:40 am, a little ahead of the scheduled 11 am arrival time. We settled into an adjacent café for a coffee and a hot chocolate and we watched the locals trying to keep out of the rain while we waited for our hosts. Lucie arrived after the bus but before the scheduled arrival time. In order to see the bus arrive and to keep dry, she parked her ute on the opposite sid ... read more
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Uruguayan Flag A violent Marxist urban guerrilla movement, the Tupamaros, launched in the late 1960s, led Uruguay's president to agree to military control of his administration in 1973. By yearend, the rebels had been crushed, but the military continued to expand i... ... read more
5th July 2012

Great pic...nice blog
9th August 2012

Thanks Dave. The thatching of the roof is impressive. Cheers, E.

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