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South America » Uruguay » East » Rocha May 25th 2012

We arrived by bus at Rocha at 10:40 am, a little ahead of the scheduled 11 am arrival time. We settled into an adjacent café for a coffee and a hot chocolate and we watched the locals trying to keep out of the rain while we waited for our hosts. Lucie arrived after the bus but before the scheduled arrival time. In order to see the bus arrive and to keep dry, she parked her ute on the opposite side of the main square where she had a good view of the bus stop. At about 11:30 she decided to leave the comfort of her vehicle to inquire about the "late" bus. Meanwhile, Eileen spotted the slim, fair skinned woman with a big mop of dreadlocks crossing the road and so Eileen dashed out to ask ... read more
A neighbour's house
Leigh trying Sudoku by candlelight
Eileen and Leigh overlooking the valley

South America » Uruguay » East » Rocha January 21st 2012

1-21-12 SaturdayThe ride to La Pedrera was long and flat… quite literally. There are very few hills in Uruguay, especially in the south. As you ride along the highway, (a two lane road with a few stop signs) you can see as far as the eyes can wander. There are small “hills” in the distance that look as though they could be comparable to Connecticut's own, but our mind must have played tricks on us for the reality is they are very close and very small. Randomly speckled along the highway are fields filled with antique cars. through my eyes it seems as though the cars outlive the people here. It isn’t odd to see multiple vintage VW buses and bugs drive down the street, along with old ford trucks and tons of fiats older than ... read more

South America » Uruguay » East » Rocha February 19th 2010

South America » Uruguay » East » Rocha February 6th 2010

Las playas de la pedrera... read more
Pedrera II
Pedrera III

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