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14th June 2013

The joys of freighter travel
Nice to see someone else travelling by freighter. We went from Italy to the USA last year. You might like to compare your trip with ours. I am still finishing it off. [blog=751266] John
15th September 2012
Carnival wanna-be couple

Don't forget to go back ther i need a feathered hat.
15th September 2012
Leigh and Eileen - Brazil

hi i see you
8th July 2012

I would love to express my gratitude for sharing this with me
5th July 2012
A neighbour's house

Great pic...nice blog
9th August 2012
A neighbour's house

Thanks Dave. The thatching of the roof is impressive. Cheers, E.
30th May 2012

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11th May 2012

What Fun!
What an amazing experience this must have been. The scenery is just amazing and certainly very different to anything in Perth, Western Australia where I am from! I love to go fishing, my Mum live in the south west region on the coast so when I visit her I insist we visit our 'hot-spots' and throw a line in. I love the set out of this blog, it's great having all the facts and extra information on the side. Happy tango-ing!
11th May 2012

Yes great scenery
16th April 2012

Just wanted to let you know we are all (Richard, Lynette and I) reading your blogs regularly. Thanks for keeping us up to date I only wish it was me in the backpak and not the dirty washing. Hope Leigh caught the trout of a lifetime! Take care
23rd April 2012

Hi back!
Hi guys. I've been thinking about you too. Thanks for the comment. It gives me the warm fuzzies ... and there have been times when I've needed them! I still can't believe we're doing this. We've got a few blogs to write and we're intending to catch up on those while we're on the ferry for the next four days. Cheers
16th April 2012

Was that Lt Cl Pedro?...
Eileen danced twice with? If so say hi from Elizabet... are you staying at the same place Eileen and I stayed last year? Good to know you are having fun...is Eileen going back to Neo Tango LOL? they will remember her!
23rd April 2012

Unnamed Dance Partner
Hi Fern. Great to hear from you. Now you know someone once told me that what happens on tour stays on tour ... lol. However I will say "hi" to anyone you might know ;) As for Neo, I'm best to give them a wide berth I think. Cheers.

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