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Place de l'Unite National  

Place de l'Unite National

Basically a big roundabout
Eighteen Years since the Rwandan Genocide

April 10th 2012
Yvonne and Mugisha were sister and brother. In 1994 they had been aged five and three respectively. Their photo showed them smiling without a care in the world. Both had been hacked to death inside their grandmother’s home because they were from the wrong tribe. Another child had been smashed against a wall. He had been two at the time of his murder. When the death squads arrived at Umutoni’s ... read more
Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali

Rwandan Flag In 1959, three years before independence from Belgium, the majority ethnic group, the Hutus, overthrew the ruling Tutsi king. Over the next several years, thousands of Tutsis were killed, and some 150,000 driven into exile in neighboring countries. T... ... read more
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