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27th February 2019

A fellow Comoros travelled!
We are currently visiting Comoros and I was looking for ideas on what to do/see and stumbled across your post. Great pics!
24th April 2017

Sad that when I type Comoros I see all these bad things you have to say and the shitty image u have left about Ngazidja truly sad I hope people come check for themselves
26th November 2016

Beautiful photo Jason. Thanks for the fascinating history of this magnificent bridge and the terrible Balkan War that led to its destruction in 1993. Really uplifting that they restored it to hopefully survive for further centuries to come.
12th November 2016

I feel like visiting now
10th November 2016

Khat opens doors
Fascinating blog Jason. Djibouti is a major importer of Aussie gum tree scaffolding grown in and exported by Ethiopia which maybe an unusual but was my reason for considering visiting Djibouti! Your references to your meanderings in Djibouti City and khat are like walking through markets in Ethiopia. Maybe you should have tried khat with the locals. We one day walked through one of the largest and grimiest markets in Africa, in Addis Ababa I recall, chewing khat which prompted all sorts of vendors to engage us for conversation without any pressure to buy at all. And they made it clear the only reason they did that was their delight we were chewing khat! Khat opens doors we found...who'd have thought that!
11th November 2016

You're right, I should have tried some. Maybe when I visit Yemen! Mind you, I'll probably need a sackful just to get through Sana'a
29th October 2016

A beautiful article
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19th June 2016

hello from Minsk
Hi there. Thanks for the blog, it's always interesting to know what are foreigners' thoughts when they come to Belarus. But it's really funny when somebody believes all the yellow press says. Funny and sad at the same time.. Best regards, Artem
11th March 2016

sounds about right!
This happened all the time in Qatar. Once, my friends and I were heading to the desert late at night to watch a meteor shower. We were almost run off the road by a guy easily going 200 kph, in a white Land Cruiser of course. We pulled over, got out our blankets and chairs and saw his brake lights in the distance and he turned around as we started to walk across the desert. We thought "Oh great" he is going to yell at us and say we're on his land. Instead, he pulled off onto the sand and came right up to us. "Everything ok?" "Yes, we are just going to watch the stars." "Oh well, have a great time!" Strange place...
20th June 2015

Rzeszow is very nice, clean and dynamic city
Rzeszow is very nice, clean and dynamic city. It has about 200,000 people, a lot of students (polytechnic, university). It is the capital of the Podkarpackie Province. It has monuments but at the same time it is a modern city. I would recommend coming to Rzeszow. The city has a lot of quality hotels, restaurants, pubs. The perfect way. Very interesting, not expensive and worth visiting the city. A very safe city. Rzeszow airport is about 8 km from the center. My favorite city in Poland
29th January 2015

Hands up!
It's so nice to read that you've been in Rzeszow! It's really close to our hometown-Lancut. Castle in Lancut is one of the most beautiful in Europe, you should visit it next time :). More about it you can read on our blog: http://karolinapatryk.com/blog/travel-reports/poland/castle-lancut/
30th January 2015

Thanks for the comment. Poland is such an amazing country.
19th December 2014

Rzeszov is a nice palce to visit with family and friends with tour guide.
24th October 2014
Leading into The Pit

Belarus visa
I was traveling from Berlin to St Petersburg on an overnight bus, had my Russian visa (hassle), bought my bus ticket, arrived at the terminal and wasn't allowed on the bus because it traveled through Belarus and I had no visa. Had to sleep in the terminal and buy a new ticket the next day for an overnight bus that didn't pass through Belarus--what a hassle! So, no, I don't think I'll be getting their visa and going there, but I'm glad you did!
24th October 2014
Leading into The Pit

The Red Stork flies at midnight!
What an incredible adventure you've had! Minsk seems a perfect ending, containing some beautiful architecture as well as the usual soviet propaganda. The images and stories from the Pit and the Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum were harrowing. And in true Soviet fashion, there was nothing of the horrors committed by the current regime, of which I'm sure there are thousands. Great travels, and congrats for turning them into a book--best wishes with that!
24th October 2014
Leading into The Pit

Thanks for stopping by to read it. I really enjoyed Minsk - a great place to visit if you can be bothered with getting a visa.
29th August 2014

One of our favorite countries.
29th August 2014

I absolutely loved Reykjavik. One day I'm going to go back and see more of the island.
19th March 2014

Old crones
Those banshees are so poor they can't afford to to buy food to eat, so they have to beg. You have so much that you can afford to throw food away, I'm sure, yet don't have the humility to give thanks to God for all you have by giving an elderly person a few pennies. God bless and keep you safe from the Banshees.
23rd February 2014

Troubles in Kiev
When I heard of the recent troubles in Kiev I thought about your book -- which I enjoyed. It is sad that such a beautiful location is dealing with such chaos and they may destroy significant buildings and architecture. Thanks for sharing.
23rd February 2014

Yeah, I saw a picture of the protest camp in the middle of Independence Square. I hope they get things sorted.
29th December 2013

Great Read
I have been to Thailand and this brings back interesting memories. great read
29th December 2013

Yeah, it's an interesting place!
26th September 2013

I'm thoroughly enjoying your book...
and hope to visit the Balkans myself in the next couple of years.
27th September 2013

The Balkans is amazing. The highlights would have to be Sarajevo, Mostar, Ohrid and Tirana.

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