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Baby Gorilla  

Baby Gorilla

Mzungus In The Mist

October 12th 2011
"Whatever you do, don't run if a Gorilla Charges at you" are the last words you remember hearing as your life flashes before your eyes. As everyone falls back, you are left standing motionless, adrenaline pumping, wide-eyed, the leader of the pack. "Crouch down & look away!" you hear, as 230Kg of Silverback muscle charges towards you. Close enough to smell its breath, you can’t help but star ... read more
Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Ugandan Flag Uganda achieved independence from the UK in 1962. The dictatorial regime of Idi AMIN (1971-79) was responsible for the deaths of some 300,000 opponents; guerrilla war and human rights abuses under Milton OBOTE (1980-85) claimed at least another 100,0... ... read more
14th November 2014

Awesome picture!
I'm researching my trip to Uganda, do you mind me asking who booked with?

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