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Vaduz Castle  

Vaduz Castle

Vaduz, Liechtenstein - A Day Trip to the Sixth Smallest Country in the World

July 30th 2011
I wandered over to the man standing outside the yellow coach that belonged to the Liechtenstein Bus Company. I asked him whether it was due to depart anytime soon. He looked at me and took a deep drag of his cigarette. Five minutes previously, I'd arrived in the Swiss border town of Sargans after a pleasant train ride from Zurich and now wanted to take the first bus to Vaduz, the capital o ... read more
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Liechtenstein Flag The Principality of Liechtenstein was established within the Holy Roman Empire in 1719; it became a sovereign state in 1806. Until the end of World War I, it was closely tied to Austria, but the economic devastation caused by that conflict forced Lie... ... read more
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