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Nestled between a glacier and a mountain...  

Nestled between a glacier and a mountain... a freezing cold lake
DAYS 27-29; El Calafate, Che Legarto Hostel

March 28th 2011
From the boat I headed straight to the airport. I was heading to south Argentina, to El Calafate, to the cold and to hike the Glaciers- something I´ve wanted to do for years. My flight wasn´t leaving until 5am so there wasnt much point heading into town and spending money on a night of accommodation for the sake of 9 I made friends with the airport floor again. I got on my flight ... read more
South America » Argentina

Argentine Flag Following independence from Spain in 1816, Argentina experienced periods of internal political conflict between conservatives and liberals and between civilian and military factions. After World War II, a long period of Peronist authoritarian rule an... ... read more
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