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Greek toilet  

Greek toilet

Thank God I didn't have to use the convenience. I've seen these same toilets in some of the more rustic areas of Italy. It certainly doesn't look like it would be very sanitary or comfortable.
Day Ten (Monday)

July 3rd 2006
It looks like the Greeks know a little something about breakfast. I was one of the first to go down for breakfast this morning. I got up a little earlier than our 7:30 wake-up call because I planned on being at Lidl at 8:00 when they opened. We were expected on the bus at 8:00. Our hotel breakfast had the usual cereals, milk and fruit, but today we had real orange juice, yoghurt, rolls and col ... read more
Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Delphi

Greek Flag Greece achieved its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1829. During the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, it gradually added neighboring islands and territories, most with Greek-speaking populations. In Worl... ... read more
13th April 2011

I first saw squatties in Greece. I called them Greek Bombers:-))))

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