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Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Delphi September 24th 2019

On September 23rd we left Trizonia after a wonderful couple of days and headed to Itea. Our purpose of going there was we had heard that there was an inexpensive and safe place to stay and it would be easy to catch a bus to Delphi from there. It was a calm, clear day and only after 4 ½ hours we pulled into the marina at Itea. It was definitely rough around the edges as it appears to be mainly for local fishing boats, but the bulkhead was completely empty so we enjoyed a side tie again. Life is good. Even better we found out that we only had to pay the equivalent of $19.30 for the total of 2 nights. If we wanted water or electricity there was an additional charge of $5.60, but as ... read more
Daytime Views at Itea Marina
The "Main" Street of Itea
Like Numerous Other Places We Have Been

Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Delphi July 14th 2018

Day 20 - Delphi We decided to only take one tour outside of Athens on this trip. Delphi is one of the more important historic sites outside of Athens. We booked a tour with George’s Taxi for a full day private ride and tour to Delphi. The driver, Stratos, drove us to the sites, gave us a bit of history and tips for the locations, booked us lunch, and even let us sleep on the way back. The price was very reasonable and over all we think it was the best way to do the trip. It was about a 2 hour drive to Delphi so we started out at 7:25 AM. Stratos had a 30 min video to watch on the way that gave us a bit of background on the site. It was very ... read more
Storage for the (small) offerings
I spy a roman at Delphi

Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Delphi May 25th 2018

I booked a tour to the ancient archeological site of Delphi today. With a 2 1/2 hour bus ride each way, I was really looking forward to learning more about the history behind the temples there, and how Zeus, Apollo, and Athena were associated with the site. It didn‘t quite work out that way. The famous Chef Julia Child had a very unique pitch to her voice and Robin Williams famously based his Mrs. Doubtfire character on it. It was a combination of her high pitch and heavy French accent that sometimes made it hard to understand what she was saying. Today, our Greek tour guide Ema had a very similar voice and heavy Greek accent and I don’t think that she had had much time speaking English. When she spoke English, she continually put the ... read more
Stoa of the Athenians
Temple of Apollo
Ancient Theater, 4th century BC

Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Delphi May 26th 2017

Thursday 18thMay The weather has got even worse. It is cold and wet. Yesterday we drove up to Korinthos and then round the Korinthos Gulf to Delphi high in the mountains. We are in the Parnassos ski area and there is still snow on the peak. We drove through a small town which wouldn’t have looked out of place in the french alps. The campsite is a couple of kilometres from Delphi and there is a touring group of cloggies (John’s affectionate name for the Dutch) taking up all the places with the coveted panoramic view down the valley to the sea. Not that you can see anything at the moment as the sky is black and the low clouds are obscuring any views. My knowledge of ancient / classical Greece is limited but my understanding ... read more
The Sanctuary
Temple of Athina
the charioteer

Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Delphi May 7th 2017

“ Bees suck nectar from many different flowers”. (Here they have a great choice it is like a supermarket full of flowers) “One drop of honey cannot claim to come from one flower or another “ Greece has been a real eye-opener for us. We were not sure what to expect. We had read blogs from folks who overwinter in Greece and they love it and the people. We had read about three books on Greece and each gave a different view of the place and of places to visit. Sometimes we find ourselves staying on in places in Greece that we like. Normally we only stay one night in one place but for some reason we are falling in love with the sites and staying longer than usual. Greece is having a strange effect on ... read more
Temple of Olympian Zeus
it was a long walk out

Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Delphi May 5th 2017

When the heart grieves over what is has lost , the spirit rejoices over what it has left. According to Greek legend Zeus (we have seen his home on Mount Olympus) released two eagles from opposite ends of the world . Where there paths crossed was considered to be the centre of the earth. The sky above Delphi was where that happened. We can understand looking at the place why the ancients considered it sacred. It was not hard to understand . Delphi was also known to be the home of the god Apollo. Thus making it the most sacred place in the classical world. Folks came to Delphi to worship and to consult the oracle to ask the gods what actions they should take in peacetime, in war. The power of Delphi just grew and ... read more
Plate in the museum

Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Delphi December 14th 2016

Geo: 38.4814, 22.5066The hotel at Delphi is in a wonderful location, but could do with some soundproofing (we could hear the neighbours far too clearly!) with dogs barking outside through the night, and the beds were very very firm! So we didn't get moving until almost 9am, and didn't finish breakfast until 10am.Luckily, we are one kilometer to the archaeological site. We enjoyed the wonderful museum (again, a lot of European money has been spent developing this museum!) with its wonderful Kouri, carvings etc. We saw the silver bull - 2.5m long, made of silver and the gift of Croesus (hence the saying "rich as Croesus"). It was the first large-scale statue made all from forged metal - the bull is made of sheets of silver.We also saw the wonderful charioteer - his 4 horses (or ... read more
Tiny figurines

Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Delphi December 13th 2016

Geo: 38.4708, 22.5659We got up and left Nafplio before the town awoke (at 8.15am!) - couldn't get a coffee from the closed gelateria and the corner store wasn't open! (Luckily the bakery in the way out of town was open for us to buy our lunch AND made ok coffee!)We drove to Corinth under cloudy skies, but our weather fairy worked her magic and the sun come out as we arrived in Corinth. Again, a very good museum, with displays from throughout the periods of history - Mycenaen era, Classical Greek and the arrival of the Romans. Corinth has been continually inhabited since 4000BC except for a few years after the Romans invaded in 146BC. I was amazed to learn that in 1990, antiquity thieves had broken into the museum and stolen 288 artifacts - most ... read more
Corinthian figurine
Figurines at Corinth
Children playing "piggybacking" game 4th C BC

Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Delphi May 1st 2016

Sunday: John was up early to say goodbye to Aggie and Roger as they took off for Iran and the Society of Asian Arts tour. Then we hung out at the hotel early morning with Memhet the owner, chatting about the states and his view of the economy. He very generously gave us presents as we departed for the airport. What a wonderful host and we look forward to hosting him in San Francisco later in the year. After some difficulties with getting through the airport we boarded our plane and were whisked 536 km to Athens where we were met by Spiros, our driver and guide for the next few days. Full of information and energized at every turn, we drove the two hours to Delphi and our hotel, the Nidimos. John took a walk ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Delphi August 2nd 2015

They say you train your brain by studying Latin and Greek at high school. I did both...I'm sure my brain is trained, but honestly, I don't remember much from those years. Studying Economics at University was highly interesting...I can say I don't remember much from my years of Latin and Greek, I did go through, and that was a good point. Who knows what my brain got out of it! Delphi and the Pythia has therefore be part of my "nightmares" for years. If only high school was only about Geography and History, I would have graduated with all the honors...but yes, I went through some serious high level in math, Latin and my own this is it...I'm finally meeting the Pythia in Delphi! Delphi is some 180kms out of Athens, and a good ... read more
The twins of Argos
Treasury of the Athenians

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