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The Dam duo do Melbourne, Florida  

The Dam duo do Melbourne, Florida

Manatee Touching, Kite Flying and general good fun

September 10th 2009
The following day, the 16th of June, 2009 we headed up to Melbourne, Florida. Its about 2 and a half hours from Tampa. Its beautiful weather and we listen to Red Hot Chilli Peppers and other road tripping music on the way up. Good times. We get to Melbourne at about 1pm and then I get to meet Alyson's family. Her family is really cool really friendly straight up and I feel pretty much at home af ... read more
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23rd August 2012

Melbourne and Palm Bay!
I love this area of Florida! It is way less conjested then Miami and Coco beach and a lot more normal (in my opinion!). Melbourne is great but so is Palm Bay- there is a ton to do in the surrounding areas (like Orlando) and the beaches are great too! I come to the region quite often and Palm Bay is where I like to stay! The Palm Bay Hotel ( is nice and affordable and close to so much in town!

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