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Luang Prabang  - Biking tour  

Luang Prabang - Biking tour

Bertille, cette photo est pour toi uniquement. Est-ce tu es fiere de moi??
Democratic People's Republic of Laos

November 30th 2007
Our next station in the Southeast Asian cherry-picking tour brought us directly from Siem Reap to Luang Prabang in Laos. You think that Laos is remote and that few travelers would spend their dollars in this obscure country? Forget it... it is almost as packed with tourists as every corner of Southeast Asia! There are less tourists than in Thailand and because Laos is landlocked you won't find the ... read more
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Lao or Laotian Flag Laos was under the control of Siam (Thailand) from the late 18th century until the late 19th century when it became part of French Indochina. The Franco-Siamese Treaty of 1907 defined the current Lao border with Thailand. In 1975, the Communist Pathe... ... read more
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