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...beautiful markings...and the eyes...
Lake Nakuru

October 9th 2019
After a successful start to this adventure in Samburu it was off to our second destination: Lake Nakuru...same deal, a couple of days exploring the environs around the lake, and this stop afforded the potential to see a rhino, another top animal on my list... Bit of a haul from Samburu, and along the way we stopped at a signpost indicating the Equator for some photo ops, followed by a visit to a ... read more
Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP

Kenyan Flag Founding president and liberation struggle icon Jomo KENYATTA led Kenya from independence until his death in 1978, when President Daniel Toroitich arap MOI took power in a constitutional succession. The country was a de facto one-party state from 196... ... read more
1st December 2019

Just gorgeous!
I haven't seen many close up photos of zebras with such clarity - well done! They are beautiful creatures, love that white ear :)
4th December 2019

Agreed, mentioned a couple of times that I wasn't expecting much from zebras as they were so abundant, but man up close they are beautiful...the markings are just amazing, was fortunate to pull up beside this herd mere yards away...and the deep orange eyes with black all around, awesome...

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