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The buildings in Speicherstadt are mostly old warehouses. Some of them are still used as warehouses but others are today utilised for other purposes.
Germany 2019 part III - Hamburg

July 30th 2019
Hamburg - or how to squeeze in Paul McCartney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Greta Thunberg in one blog Here is the third and last blog entry from when we were in Germany. It will be focused on what we did in Hamburg. We can start by telling that although Hamburg was part of the Hanseatic League there is no trace left in the city of that era. If you want to see well preserved Hanseatic League cities ... read more
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German Flag As Europe's largest economy and most populous nation, Germany remains a key member of the continent's economic, political, and defense organizations. European power struggles immersed Germany in two devastating World Wars in the first half of the 20t... ... read more
6th December 2019

What a wonderful image. I'm posting it in the "Streetscapes" thread in the Photography Forum as a great addition. Check it out.
7th December 2019

Thank you
I need to check out the various photo forums. I posted some pictures in them a few years ago but since then I just haven't had the time. Thank you for helping me out there and a big thanks to you for spending time on creating a community feel to TravelBlog. /Ake

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