Apparently I have an accent.

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November 19th 2012
Published: November 19th 2012
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Apparently I have an accent and it is a thick one, I am told. So as we sail "across the Ditch" I thought I would share a few. Jumper/sweat shirt, bloke/gentleman, mate/friend, umbrella/brolly, brilliant/amazing, lift/elevator, alone/on your own, truck or car/boot, hood/bonnet, crazy/mad, Swim suit/ togs or bathing costume, I get it, I do NOT speak English. I speak American. I usually say "how ya' doin'?" Or "y'all" I am a "mom" not a "mum" and I inspire to be a "grandma" not a "nan". These are just so fun difference we have all be joking about while I have been onboard with our new friends. But hanging out with my new Aussie, Kiwi and British cousins, I have had to change some of my language to be understood. And I have had to completely cut all Spanglish. No mas it is no bueno. While sitting on the back of the ship yesterday, an Aussie asked me "if I sit me bum down am I doing a pinch", I replied, "pop a squat, my ass can only ride one horse at a time". What is more amusing to the Aussie is that an "ass is a donkey" so he imagined a donkey riding a horse, which would be funny. Oh and watch the reaction when you say, "I need to slap on my fanny pack and I will be ready to rumble". Because you just said something vulgar to them. It is a small world, getting smaller. And I love celebrating cultural differences. Later today - Being hypnotized.


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