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November 20th 2012
Published: November 20th 2012
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After being on this ship for a little more than a fortnight we have formed a little group of friends. We gravitate together everyday and chat about all the fun activities we have done. So when our new friend, we will call him "Ken", because that is his name, heard about the hypnotist show, he wanted go and volunteer. So we said we would be his support team. We all met a half hour before the show at our normal perch and walked into the show room together. There were 21 chairs displayed on the stage and then the hypnotist walked out after a flamboyant introduction from our cruise director. He asked for volunteers and we were all very vocal in getting attention for Ken. Ken made his way on stage and the hypnotist approached me and I was chosen with some hesitation. I really wanted to see the show with Ken doing silly things, but our new friends were relentless, and before I knew it, my body was on stage. The hypnotist assured us we would be safe and he would not put us in any harm. I relaxed and used my years of breathing and meditation techniques to help me. But it worked more to the hypnotist's advantage. I was under quickly. I had moments of lucidity while on stage. But there are things that are in a fog. Apparently I snuggled my neighbor shoulder because I was told it was the softest pillow I ever felt. I remember smelling a nasty smell and sure that the pillow guy did the nasty act next to me. I remember not liking him very much after that. We were then were brought to center stage and had a a vibrant conversation in our special "Moon Lanuage". Who knows what we were saying, but from my shipmates, I was speaking and my neighbor with the pillow soft shoulder interpreted. It turns out "pillow guy" is a sweetheart and his name is Horace. We became fast friends after the show. The ladies in the group were then told they just saw the saddest movie. I remember the image of a man shooting a dog in the head. I must have been remembering "Old Yeller". I remember the a wave of sadness and rage filling my heart. Because at the same time the men were told they saw the funniest scene in a movie. So they were laughing hysterically. How could anyone laugh at "Old Yeller"? And then the hypnotist reversed the order and had the women laughing and the men crying. I remember the image of Cary Grant, in Katherine Hepburn's bathrobe, jumping up like a jack in the box saying he "just went dingy". Funniest and best movie ever, "Bringing up Baby". With the sexiest actor ever. In my moments of lucidity on stage, I saw a chair floating. I did not see this as any big deal. A chair floated during a stage show, whoopiedo. Give me a few wires, a stage crew and I could do the same. I remember the hypnotist asking me what I saw and I explained and was rather blasé about it. The crowd roared in applause. Just then the lady sitting next to me got up and starting waving and strutting about with a glorious smile on her face. The hypnotist said, "There she is Miss America". A bit of a rewind here. This lady is an older lady, that barely made her way on stage. She has either a hip or knee problem and does not walk well. But when she was Miss America she was swaying with fluid movement. She was then returned to her chair and told to go to sleep. She laid back and another hypnotized victim stole her shoes off her feet. This is the last thing I remember about being on stage until the very end. (Except one little moment during my time being Madonna. But I will get to that in a moment). I was then told, the chair I was so blasé about, was actually being carried around by the hypnotist. There were no wires. We were all hypnotized that he was invisible. I was then chosen to perform for the 800 people in the theater. This is what was reported back to me, I was told that I was to perform as Madonna, but first I had to chase down the hypnotist to get the microphone. All I remember about this was I slipped a little, not much to fall, just a little skid of my right foot. I looked down an wondered where my shoes where. And I was angry they were gone. But apparently I carried on as a professional rock star would. I was dancing around, and lip syncing. Thank goodness I did not actually sing. Apparently I did sing one word and the background music kicked in, and continued to lip sync. Most likely because I did not know the words. Also we were told our subconscious would not allow us to do anything we really did not want to. And singing on stage is something I have never wanted to do.This is where I have to say I love the social aspect on a ship. My shipmates have carried on about "how wonderful" I was. I highly doubt that, but I appreciate the kindness. For the people that have not gotten to know me on the ship, they call me "the red headed Madonna". It could be worse. As far as our new mate Ken. He did not fully go under. I could tell he was disappointed. He wanted the experience. Well, we still love our Ken. When we awoke, my shoes were retuned to me. Another chap on stage was hypnotized to steal shoes off anyone sleeping and to hide them them. He apparently was shoving them everywhere on his body and clothes. I do not want to know where he hid my shoes on his person. He was the real star of the show. After he was prompted that every time he heard the hypnotist's name, he would jump up and down and say, "I love hypnotism", until he disembarked the ship. His fiancé was going mad and since we had an overnight in Auckland. She made him disembark early in the morning to reset his programming. There is a video for sale. I have forbidden Alan to purchase it. I have not seen the show. My friends/shipmates have helped me compose this blog. Thank you all. I also drove Alan a little crazy that night. Hypnotism gives you the advantage of about eight hours of sleep. It was late after the show and Alan was ready to go to sleep. I sent him to bed and met up with friends for a few hours. I only slept for a four hours that night and up bright and early ready to roll. It was certainly an experience. Next up Sydney Australia


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