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November 5th 2012
Published: November 5th 2012
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Today the ship the highlights are, a "Beyond the Podium" speaker will talk about Trans-Atlantic Contact before Columbus. There is also a galley tour and a "Freedance" that will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. For that you pay $15.00 and receive a tee shirt and $10 goes to the foundation. Here we are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean steaming, okay diesel ing, our way to Pago Pago Samoa. It is a clear and beautiful day out. Actually the weather could not be better. Warm and clear with a beautiful breeze and a few puffy white clouds floating in front of the sun from time to time to just give you a comfortable respite from the sun. I can walk around the ship and look out and see nothing. Literally nothing, but ocean. It is times like this, as a human we have to laugh at ourselves. Here we build a vessel, as comfortable as any resort to float our bodies for pleasure. Completely out of our element, but it is what we do. Funny creatures humans are. Monkeys for example, one of handful of species on earth that use tools are perfectly content to stay in the jungle. You don't see them building something to get out of their natural environment. And we claim evolution. All the passengers seem to be settling into the cruise. I am starting to see people in the same places. They claim their"perch" and make it their own. The sun worshippers in the sun, baking their skin, reading novels. The gamers in the library with their decks of cards and board games. The athletics on the sports deck, running laps and shooting hoops. The gamblers and drunks in the casino. And then the cyber junkies, carrying around their electronic devices, that cannot detach themselves from the Internet in fear that something will happen and they won't know hear about. Birds of a feather, flocking together. Dividing and concurring their ideal of the perfect vacation. Oh yeah, humans we are evolved. Tonight is our first formal night onboard. It will be interesting to see how many people dress for it. The captain give a reception and a show. This is also where you see and meet the senior officers. Which is the reason I go. I want to know who the person where "the bucks stop at". After cruising as often as we have, I find it easier to just start at the top. Saves time and effort. Not to mention, they invite us to. They say "if there is anything we can do, to make your vacation more enjoyable. Just let us know". So when I do, I shall. But those are very rare instances. Just nice information to have. More later


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