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August 30th 2008
Published: June 11th 2017
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Today we were at sea. We all planned on sleeping in but, the sun now comes up on our side of the ship so it was pretty bright and I was awake at 6:30. I decided to run down to the laundry and see if I could get some wash in. There were a few washers about to finish so I waited. By the time the laundry was done it was 9:30 and I thought it was time to get to get the girls up so that Raymond could clean our room.

It took them some time to get ready but we made it to the Promenade Lounge by 10:15 for the family craft. We made masks.

After the craft we went to Shutters to see if we could find the photo of Kelsie and Abby at the pool on the Panama Canal Day. We placed an order for a reprint and then Nikki and I went for a walk on the Promenade Deck and Regan and Kelsie went to sit in the Atrium and wait for Lumiere's to open.

We had lunch at Lumiere's and then Nikki and I went up to Quiet Cove Pool to relax while Regan and Kelsie went to get in line to get autographs from Ally and AJ. Although the signing wasn't supposed to begin until 2:00 there was a line all the way down the hallway from Preludes to Studio Sea.

Nikki and I were done by the pool before the girls made it to get their autographs so I went down so that I could take their photos with the "Platinum Selling Pop Artists".

We thought we had a Princess Party at 4:00 so we all got ready to go to the party and as we were leaving, we realized that it was at 3:00 and we had missed it. So, we just chilled in the room until it was time to get ready for dinner.

We were in Lumiere's tonight for our Pirates in the Caribbean Party. After dinner Regan and Kelsie went to get their photo taken and then get seats for the show and Nikki and I went for another walk around the Promenade Deck. There was a shuffleboard game available and, since Kelsie has wanted to play for the last several days, I went to get her out of the theater to come play. Kelsie beat me!

The show tonight was a Cast Talent Show. Then it was up on deck for the Pirates in the Caribbean Deck Party and Fireworks show. After the show, Regan and Kelsie went to the buffet but Nikki and went back to the room to get ready for bed.

Tomorrow is another day at sea.

Note: We changed course today due to Hurricane Gustav. We are now going between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico instead of between Cuba and Jamaica.

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