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February 12th 2016
Published: February 25th 2016
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Friday 12th February, 2016. At Sea, Cruising the Atlantic

We had a lie in again today and then lunch in the restaurant. At 2.00 pm we went to a lecture by fellow guests, Peter and Ann Hunt in the Marco Polo Show Lounge. It was called "London to Bejing - Around the World in 80 Days. Millennium Motor Challenge". It was a very interesting talk and slide show about a trip they did in 2000 in their classic Austin Healey car. This talk was about the first half of their trip - the second is tomorrow. This was followed by Clive with a lecture called "Cuba: Global Inspiration or Menace?", and as usual it was excellent.

We passed the afternoon pleasantly enough going to Eggheads after the lecture and then reading until dinner. The show was called "On Broadway" which we had seen before but was still very good. The title is a bit misleading though as most of the songs were from British musicals. "On West End" would have been more appropriate. We followed this up at Scott's Bar with "We Love Musicals" which was a cabaret by all the team dedicated to the world of musicals. It was great.

A bit of trivia in today's newspaper that makes for interesting reading is that on board during a typical 14 night cruise, 49,000 items of linen are laundered, comprising 21,000 bed sheets, duvets and pillowcases, 22,400 towels and 5,600 bath mats PLUS 8,540 similar items for the crew; 24,640 tablecloths, napkins and place mats from the restaurant; 1680 crew uniforms PLUS 420 articles of guest clothing. This is all handled by 6 industrial washing machines and 7 dryers.


25th February 2016

Above my machines and driers in the utility, I have a card that says" Your not a man until you have mastered the washing machines"
Nice to hear that some one does more laundry than what I have to do forMotor Yacht Bettina based in Cannes!!

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