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March 29th 2022
Published: March 29th 2022
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At Sea

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Yet another sea day – which normally we LOVE….but we JUST came off of 9 days at sea. It would have been MUCH better if it weren’t so bloody cold. I mean 62 Fahrenheit isn’t THAT cool – but add a little wind and BRRRRRR. So, deck with blanket…CHECK. Didn’t last all that long, but we did go on the deck.

We lost another hour (should be our last) so we managed to sleep until 10ish (after, actually) – hey…we’ve lost 5 hours in the last week. We managed to get up to Waves with 10 minutes to spare before shutting down breakfast. So I just had some muesli with fresh fruit as did Christopher. Then…with our cherished espresso, Pasteis de Nata!! We each had one, so the pleasure will last longer.

While huddled on the deck I managed to finish the book – which ended with interviews with the former guy. WOW. His level of narcissism is OFF THE CHARTS. I just can’t imagine how hard it must be to deal with him. I’ve had to deal with some people with inflated egos – but NOTHING like him. Just wow. What he managed to do to the country in such a short time is beyond frightening.

For lunch we went to the Grand Dining Room. Last time we discovered the “Taste of the World” section on the bottom right-hand side of the menu. If you’re in the GDR for lunch make sure you look for this option. It provides small bites of the “world cuisine” offered for lunch. Last time it was an Asian spread. This time Mexico – the offerings were: Beef Short ribs in Mole sauce (sublime); guacamole (very good) empanadas (disappointing) taquitos filled with shrimp (divine) ceviche (quite good) and a Mexican Salad (good but too much rice for my taste). There was so much food that dinner wasn’t really an issue. Of course, that doesn’t mean we didn’t eat dinner – we just had a few bites of sushi from the buffet up in the Terrace café.

Prior to dinner we sat in the Grand Bar for the “Captain’s Host Party” – free booze from 5-8 and listened to the String Quartet – they really are quite good. While in the GB, we did a LOT of people watching. Many new guests boarded in Lisbon – so many new faces and many, many more people with walkers or some other device to assist them with their mobility. Hey – I say MORE POWER TO YOU!!! At least they’re getting out and living their life. I love to see everyone and anyone enjoying their time here – we all have SO LITTLE of it!! We just love to sit and watch sometimes….it’s entertaining.

We have noticed a trend not seen on other cruises. AND….it’s American’s doing it…and that is taking cushions from an “unused” chair to make them a little more comfortable in their chair. Now – perhaps the furniture is in need of an update/upgrade – but COME ON FOLKS…you’ve just rendered a chair uninhabitable for the next guest who wants to listen to the music (or play a game on deck). Believe it or not…It ISN’T all about you.

We finally learned today that Morocco is off the list, replaced with Cadiz. I’m sad – the two places we REALLY WANTED to see Bermuda (again) and Morocco (for the first time). Oh well, first world problems. Evidently, they have Covid issues and are forbidding ships to port there. It’s for our benefit so I understand – doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed.

With many of the new passengers, we’ve noticed more European and most are wearing masks. Most of the Elderly are wearing masks – but today we saw the craziest use of a mask….as an eye mask. A guy was on the pool deck in the sun (fully clothed – long pants, long sleeved shirt) with his mask pulled over his eyes. Saw him later….the mask (perhaps the same one?) was positioned under his nose. Really? Why? WHY??? Why even wear the damned thing? It doesn’t help if it doesn’t cover your nose and mouth. UGH!

Tomorrow is Malaga – we had hoped to go to the Alcazar, but between the cost and time we chose not to – we considered Viator, but if we’re late – it’s our problem! Not worth the risk. Each tour took a while. We’ll catch it later. Tomorrow – we’ll do what we do best…wander. Tonight at midnight we pass through the Straight of Gibraltar. Lucky for us we actually stopped there a few years back.

Back in the room now. Had one more Pasteis. You MUST try them.


29th March 2022

Portuguese Delicacies
You share your love of Pasteis de Nata with Rick Steves, not surprisingly. He hosts a Monday Night Travel web series, and last night's episode featured Portugal. He positively RAVED about those lovely egg custard pastries, and I just found a recipe that looks very doable! https://spanishsabores.com/pasteis-de-nata-recipe/

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