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March 28th 2022
Published: March 28th 2022
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Lisbon, Portugal

Monday, March 28, 2022

LAND. This is the longest we’ve ever gone without disembarking the ship. We were hesitant as far as our walking capabilities, but we prevailed. Just one foot in front of the other, without tripping. Well….we had a few trips!

We took our time exiting the ship because the line was QUITE LONG for those flying home. LONG. Only about 300 stayed on board for Barcelona – where we shall arrive next week (I think). I can’t even remember what day or time it is. I know we lose another hour tonight. This may be the last one, but don’t quote me. Like I said – I’m out of it.

First things first. We have to find a FedEx so we can send out “wet signatures” to our broker. High Finance, don’t ya know. WHY don’t they use Docusign?? Would make life MUCH easier.

FedEx location found, taxi hired and we’re off. Except we aren’t. We got a great tour of Lisbon, but we arrived at the FedEx local OFFICE…not package drop-off. 25Euro for the taxi and we’ve gone to the wrong place. Oh well. Hire another taxi and head off to the airport. Easy. But (isn’t there always a but) there was a LINE of trucks blocking everything…at least a dozen trucks parked note to tail. The FedEx location was behind it and our poor driver was looking for a safe place to let us out. We had to walk about a block back to enter the facility. The facility was protected like Fort Knox. We walked around the gate (haha) and headed for what we HOPED was “reception” – otherwise we’re screwed.

Eureka…we’ve found it. The door. Now how do we get in? I buzzed but nothing happened. OH,,,the buzzer unlocks the door, and WE push. DUH. We’re in. It only took 33Euro total to get here and about one hour total. Deep. Cleansing. Breath.

The wonderful woman in “reception” is quite kind and helpful – her English is better than some native speakers! We can’t use the FedEx office location as our send address….OK…Now what do we do? Christopher fills everything out. She realizes we have a FedEx account. NO PROBLEM….use our address – you have an account (so GLAD I opened the free account). Package is on its way and hopefully arrives on time. She suggests we go to the Airport for a taxi back to town. We do.

90 after our jaunt started, we were back in the Commercial Square, minus about 40Euro total (I think the first driver HOSED US). Lesson learned. Our first task of the day complete, now on to the second…finding some Pasteis de Nata. We walked along the Central Pedestrian walk from the Commercial square and stopped at the first bakery we found. They were quite good and creamy – not bad for the first go round. We kept on walking and voila!! The Manteigaria!! Where you can watch them making the fresh eggy crispy pastry custard bit of heaven. SO GOOD. We bookmarked this location for when we were done wandering around Lisbon. The San Francisco of the Iberian Peninsula…even a Golden Gate Bridge lookalike!!

So we walked about 5.83 miles (according to the phone) only burned 529 calorie (probably not even one Pasteis! Well, better than nothing. Trapsing up and down these hills was just so priceless. The alleys are narrow and high to provide an escape from the sun and heat. The locals have creative ways of cooling their homes naturally. Some of the doors have windows which open a crack at the top to provide circulation. Everyone had at least one window open (from what we could see) – so charming.

We were growing weary. Our legs were KILLING us (my feet were DONE) – so time to pick up the Pasteis and head back to the ship. We purchased 6, because ya never know!! I see something special for our breakfast tomorrow!!

Back on board we decided to head back to our room, get comfy and head out to the pool deck. As Christopher unloaded his bag he noticed his phone was gone. CRAP. HIS. PHONE. IS. GONE! He thinks it may have fallen out when he got a Kleenex from his bag. NOW WHAT? At least this Verizon phone is NOT unlocked, and their system is NOT compatible with European carriers. We cancelled the phone – he won’t need it any longer anyway. NOW…he had to change a BUNCH of other stuff (passwords etc.) because – belts and suspenders – just being cautious. Poor Christopher spent a good amount of time taking care of business. Must say, the Verizon app is NOT user friendly – just saying. I’ll be ending my service with them as well (we have TIM phones in Italy).

I went up to the deck. I’m almost done with the book (I Alone Can Fix it) – it was SO. MUCH. WORSE THAN. WE. THOUGHT. I’m at the insurrection now (in the book not physically) – ya know that “Patriot Tour” – or some such from Mr Cawthorne’s mouth. FOOL. Sometimes I have to put it down, so my blood pressure doesn’t spike. I went into the hot tub, because ya know – tired feet and sore muscles that haven’t been used in over 2 years.

Christopher finally joined me up on deck; by that time, I was out of the hot tub and shivering. It got COLD quite fast. The winds were crazy. He sat and soaked in the tub for a while. I went back to the room to get warm, read, shower for dinner. In that order.

Dinner tonight was at Jacques. OK….not a popular comment – but…we’re OFF Jacques (again). Just MEH. I mean….I’d MUCH rather go to Polo, Toscana, or Red Ginger than EVER go back to Jacques. Interesting that Jacques is NOT going to be on VISTA!!! Hmmmm. I had the fois gras – good; my filet of beef was tough. F I L E T OF B E E F was TOUGH!!! WTAF?! Once again, my order was screwed up – I asked for green beans…they brought Potato Dauphinois…along with the roasted potatoes that Christopher ordered. I just ignored the PD and had a few roasted potatoes. OH, almost forgot…Christopher wanted the Duck,,,the waiter talked him out of it!!!!! WHAT??? So, he ordered the Lamb – which, and I’m quoting, was “meh”. Yeah…we’re done. Supposed to have a few more reservations to Jacques. Consider them cancelled.

We sail away tonight at 9 – it’s going to be dark and cold on deck so…not leaving the room. At least it didn’t rain today – because we carried our umbrellas!!


28th March 2022

A miss is as good as a mile.....NAH!
Hi guys. Well it sounds like the trip has certainly had its ups and downs...literally and figuratively...and you've both rolled with them...literally! The food mix ups and sometimes poor quality are concerning. Any ideas about what's going on with serving staff as well as in the kitchens? We loved your ideas about protein sharing especially at dinner. When do you go to La Reserve? Keep those messages coming. We love 'em!!!!
29th March 2022

Couple of things to ponder
I think the crew are exhausted. They've been on since August and may have had one day off the ship...since August!! They are changing crew gradually starting in Lisbon - and many more in Rome and some in Barcelona. We have La Reserve planned for the Barcelona to Rome leg. I think as far as was never our "favorite" we noticed an uptick, but it has fallen again. It's JUST too fussy and inconsistent.

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