25 Apr – 3rd Day at Sea

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April 25th 2016
Published: April 25th 2016
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Cabin D206Cabin D206Cabin D206

A quick peek at our cabin
Hello. This is our 3rd Sea Day and frankly we had a pretty laid-back plan for the day. We got up and dressed and went down to breakfast. Janet then went to the knitters group where she had another nice visit with her crafty friends. This was supposed to actually be a double-header day for needle crafters with a quilting session to be held after the knitting session. But Janet was having so much fun with her fellow knitters that she just skipped the quilts (we don’t have room in the suitcase for one anyway).

David went back to the cabin to read some of his book on our balcony before going up to the Fitness Center for a good 90-minute workout. Actually climbing up the 7 decks of stairs almost wore him out without ever getting to the center. Anyway he had a good workout using a variety of their machines (much like his gym back in St Louis). The 7 decks coming back down to our cabin wasn’t nearly as much effort.

At noon the clocks all advanced another hour, so we again had lunch later than usual (at least according to the clock). Today we had lunch in the Crown Grill where they were serving the traditional British Pub Lunch. It was very popular and we had to wait about 30 minutes in line, but the food was very good. Janet had the Fish & Chips while David had Bangers & Mash. We didn’t feel like the Bread Pudding they were offering, so we went to the International Café on deck-5 and got a couple of small cakes for our dessert. This is just off the main floor of the Central Piazza where a small group was playing music and there were a number of passengers doing ballroom dancing.

We spent most of the afternoon resting. After stopping at the Internet Café to get our accounts organized, we went back to the cabin. Janet spent the rest of the afternoon resting in the cabin watching TV and doing more of her needlework project. David went up on deck to stroll around taking a few more pictures before coming back to spend the rest of the afternoon reading.

We went to dinner at the usual time and tonight we had 6 people
Swirl Ice Cream StandSwirl Ice Cream StandSwirl Ice Cream Stand

The ice cream stand - one of David's favorite places
for dinner. Yes, we picked up our table and slid it next to the other table and made a new configuration with 6 of us together. It was considerably more interesting than eating by ourselves. Janet had the Caesar Salad and a Sea Scallops entree. David had a small salad, a bowl of Borsch, and a Pork Tenderloin. For dessert Janet had Expresso Ice Cream and David had Pecan Butterscotch Pie. It was another delicious dinner, but it’s beginning to seem like we are eating continuously (especially when they pilfer an hour from the middle of the day – we are officially in the Greenland Time Zone).

After dinner we went to the theater for a comedy show from the person who had performed briefly during the first night. He was really funny tonight with much of his routine addressing being old versus being young. We could easily relate to what he was saying and he made it hilarious. Later we went to the Vista Lounge and had another comedy session from the Welsh lady humorist. She was even funnier than the previous night. After a couple of hours of jokes, we are in a pretty good mood.

Our cabin steward has been turning down the bed each evening while we’ve been at the shows. He also leaves us a couple of pieces of chocolate on our pillow each evening. So we had a nice restful day, doing only the things we wanted. And that’s about all for today.


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