26 Apr – 4th Day at Sea

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April 26th 2016
Published: April 26th 2016
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Today was another restful 23-hour day. We are currently in “Coordinated Universal Time Zone-02”. Apparently there is no significant city (or land mass) to assign as a reference point. So we are quite literally out in the middle of nowhere. The wind picked up today with gusts of 35-40 knots, sea swells of about 4 to 5 meters, overcast and cool. There was no one in the pools this afternoon and very few people on the outside decks. In general it was a good day to stay inside and enjoy the gentle rocking of the ship until we dozed off for a nice nap.

We have settled into a comfortable routine of getting up and going to breakfast in the dining room. Then Janet goes to her knitting group while David goes to the Fitness Center. Then we meet back in our cabin before going to lunch about noon (also known as 1:00 PM). We decided to try the Horizon Court for lunch today. The afternoon consisted of reading, napping, or just strolling around inside the ship until it was time to eat again. There were a lot of available activities we could have attended, but our plan sounded so much easier. In general it has been another very relaxing day.

For dinner we rebuilt our table configuration with our neighbors and swapped stories about how restful our day had been. Janet had Caesar Salad, Strawberry Smoothie, and Veal Scaloppini David had Shrimp Cocktail, Strawberry Smoothie, and Red Snapper. We both had a glass of white wine with dinner and then for dessert we each had Cherries Jubilee. Then we each had a small after dinner drink.

After dinner there was a Marionette Show in the Princess Theater. We might catch it some other time, but it just didn’t inspire us tonight. On the top deck they will be showing the new Star Wars movie (The Force Awakens) at 10:00 on their big screen “under the stars”. That probably would have been a good place to watch it, except it is too windy and chilly for us to enjoy, so we will wait and catch it some afternoon in the Princess Theater or on TV. Instead David will go to the Vista Lounge at 8:30 and watched The Revenant. Janet plans to stay in the cabin and watched some TV or to read.

That’s a brief synopsis of our day, but it covers all the main items. We will chat with you again tomorrow.


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