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November 23rd 2017
Published: November 23rd 2017
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Today we are still sailing the Atlantic. It is thanksgiving. Wishing all of you still on land a Happy Thanksgiving. all of the ships restaurants, regardless of ethnicity will offer turkey and stuffing tonight. We are going to Red Ginger, the wonderful Oriental restaurant. I will not be having turkey. I will be having sea bass in Miso, their signature dish. It will be yummy. If I knew how to make it, I would have it every year for Thanksgiving.

The sun is shining right now and the temperature is very pleasant. We have had three rain showers, two during the night and one around 10 am. This morning when I went for my walk around the deck they had 7 men there mopping and squeeging (if there is such a word) the deck. Everyone of the crew work very hard to keep this ship "ship shape". This afternoon I have two hours of spa appointments followed by a two hour cooking class. i could really get used to living this way. Dennis is having his first Mary required acupuncture as we speak. I didn't see where it could hurt (seeing as he can't walk more that 100 feet before he has to sit down) and it might possibly help.

Well we are grateaful to be among the well. Two passengers have had to be removed from the ship. The first occurance happened outside of Gibralter.. The ship had to go back to the area of Gibralter and hook up with a medical evacuation boat. We think the passenger involved was a very large man (450 pounds +). He did not appear old, maybe 40's but he was very obese. Nobdy's talking on the crew, so I'm not sure what happened. Anyway, it took and hour and one half to get him off the ship and into the medical boat. As a result we were late getting into Tenereife, our next port. The second incident happened during our LaReserve dinner when we heard a Code Mike announcement over the loudspeaker. Apparently a woman fell in the casino bar and had to be airlifted off to the Canary Islands. I am glad that the seas are calm because people are dropping like flies. Today a lady fell on the pool deck and someone came down yelling for her husband. I don't think she was seriously hurt. Most of these people start drinking early in the morning and are pretty well wasted by nightfall. Now most of them are not too steady on their feet when they are sober so it is not surprising that their balance deteriorates as their blood alcohol increases.

Life is wonderful and strange. Here we are in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the Atlantic getting spa treatments and acupuncture treatments. We are happy that we are not being air lifted to some port. Mainly because there are no ports close by. lol



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