Published: November 29th 2017
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We have been at sea for 5 days. We finally came ashore at Martinique. It was very overcast the we docked. The weather is quite warm. Dennis and I are both sick. I have a terrible cold and Dennis has an upset stomach. So we took to our beds to rest. The next day we were in Antigua and we still were not feeling well, so again we stayed on board. Good thing because in the early afternoon the skies opened and it rained. Today we are in St. Kitts and we are going ashore. We have to tender in because there are two large ships here that have been following us around.

We were in the first tender. We were happy about that. but unfortunately as we were approaching the shore, we had cleared the breakwater. Suddenly there was a loud crashing nose and the tender lifted up out of the water. We had struck something in the water. The driver finally got us off of the rocks. The propeller didn’t sound too good and we limped into the shore. We weren’t sure that we were going to make it to shore even though we were very close. Dennis said he wanted to drive the tender for the return trip as he has never hit anything in 30 years of piloting boats. We made it ashore and boarded our bus with our driver/guide Steve. Our first stop wasFairview Great House after a short tour around Basseterre the capital of St.Kitts. It was a restored plantation house on hill with a beautiful view down to the sea.Next we drove through a dense jungle to Romney Gardens where we visited a batik workplace where Dennis got a new shirt. Our next stop was high on a hill after driving a very curvacious road to Brimstone Hill Fortress national Park. We saw the huge hilltop fort with beautiful views and also bought a very interesting glass paperweight. Next we went to the top of Timothy Hill near the Huge St. Kitts Marriott for a view overlooking the Atlantic on the left side and the Caribbean on the right before returning back by a different tender to the ship and a great lunch off the new Jacques Bistro menu.


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