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November 22nd 2017
Published: November 22nd 2017
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AT SEA November 22, 2017

Today we are at sea. Yesterday we were in Las Palmas canary Islands which was our last land port before setting out across the Atlantic Ocean. We didn’t get off in las Palmas because as we were sitting on our balcony looking out at the calm sea and commenting on the beautiful weather, a large ship appeared in the horizon. It was the new Queen Elizabeth, a Cunard behemoth, 92,000 tons carrying 2100 passengers. It docked right next to us. You know how it feels when a 6foot 5 man or woman, weighing 4,50 pounds stands next to you. You feel very petite. Well that’s how we felt on our petite ship, 66,000 tons, carrying 1200 passengers.

Last night we had a fantastic meal at LaReserve. 7 courses paired with wine .. What a feast from Brittany blue lobster to Kobe beef with abundant fois gras. We were seated next to a famous Orioles baseball player who Dennis recognized. The two of them had a blast talking about baseball..At the end of the meal, Merv (the baseball player) said Dennis knew as much about baseball as the sports commentators.

Today we have heard a lecture about Magellan. In another half hour I am going to hear the Executive chef talk about Red Ginger recipes.


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