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January 17th 2010
Published: February 21st 2010
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English BayEnglish BayEnglish Bay

A lovely bay at the north side of the Island
Well here we are on another working trip abroad, this time on the beautiful island known as Ascension Island, which is an RAF base here in the South Atlantic ocean.
Working on a refurbishement of an Officers Mess, early starts, which is good as it is a very warm location, which is something i have never done before always like working in the cold not the heat!!!

First Saturday afternoon, we got taken in the company minibus to an amazing bay at the north of the Island, called funny enough English Bay, beautiful clear blue water, great snorkeling, very hot though, could only manage about an hour then had to cover up, still very enjoyable and thanks to Kevin for taking us up there!

Our first Sunday which is a day off yeah, me and another fellow electrician called Jamie, decided to walk up to the top of the highest point on the Island, known as Green Mountain. The round trip took us approximately 5 hours and it was no walk in the park, i can tell you!
About two thirds of the way up, we came across an amazing old building with
Clock TowerClock TowerClock Tower

Old unused building near the top of Green Mountain.
a Clock Tower on it, i have taken a black and white picture, which i think turned out quite well.

The climb seem to last for an age, we eventually thought we had reached the top, only to find a path way that had a sign on it saying Dew Ponds this way, so being the fit people we are we went for it.
After another twenty minutes of steep climb, through mud and insects, we found the most beautiful pond, hence this picture you can see here. Surrounded by bamboo and lush green leaves, it was well worth the extra effort required to reach it.
The next picture you can see is one on which got taken on the way down, this Island is made up from Volcanic ash and i beleive there are about thirty four Volcanoes, which i hope are all EX- volcanoes!!!!!

Additional photos below
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Dew PondsDew Ponds
Dew Ponds

An amazing pond at the top of Green Mopuntain.
View from Green MountainView from Green Mountain
View from Green Mountain

Looking down onto Volcanic hills, beautifull.
Hash walk ladsHash walk lads
Hash walk lads

At the end of our very first Hash walk on Ascension

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