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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Ascension Island March 31st 2020

Catch up As you can see from date I’m a bit behind with blog. Still finding lots to do despite being 20th consecutive day at sea. No excursions to tell you about but our cultural and maritime historical knowledge is getting a massive boost! Hope you find it as interesting as we do. Will update some more in a few days. I am receiving responses from folks replying to the blog, great hearing from you, especially Kathy. Thanks. I go on the internet every 3 days or so, ma have to more as get closer to home to check arrangements. The world situation is totally unbelievable, and we feel so remote from everything. All onboard facing an unknown world when we disembark. We pray you all keep safe, wherever you are. Day 39 Friday 20th March, ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Ascension Island February 7th 2014

3rd - 7th February – Ascension Island Stayed a few days longer than originally planned at Ascension as Luuk from Boomerang had an operation for his hernia and we wanted to make sure all went well there before departing. He was diagnosed in St Helena and John and Debby were going to have it operated on in Caribbean, but decided (and advised) to get it done sooner rather than later. Ascension is a breeding ground for turtles and now is nesting time, so every morning we can see turtle tracks on the beach. Apparently at this stage there are too many turtles nesting so sometimes another next gets dug up accidently as the turtle is digging her new nest. it's very different from St Helena, but then again, guess it had a different purpose. It is ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Ascension Island July 31st 2011

Sunday 31st July …. an idiot driver overseas! Have you ever had that kind of day when one wrong decision is compounded by several more leading to a mishap or even disaster? Well, yesterday was one such day for your correspondent. Having put aside a day for quiet adventure unsullied by the time demands of other folk, I set out for an afternoon of exploration. Having seen the giant tortoises at Plantation – but which one is the very aged Jonathon – there was no one there to ask and the two venerable creatures that I came across were not giving away their secrets – I ventured to the Boer cemetery. This is when I made my first error. The road being a little narrow and windy I decided to drive through the gates and into ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Ascension Island January 17th 2010

Well here we are on another working trip abroad, this time on the beautiful island known as Ascension Island, which is an RAF base here in the South Atlantic ocean. Working on a refurbishement of an Officers Mess, early starts, which is good as it is a very warm location, which is something i have never done before always like working in the cold not the heat!!! First Saturday afternoon, we got taken in the company minibus to an amazing bay at the north of the Island, called funny enough English Bay, beautiful clear blue water, great snorkeling, very hot though, could only manage about an hour then had to cover up, still very enjoyable and thanks to Kevin for taking us up there! Our first Sunday which is a day off yeah, me and another ... read more
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