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March 5th 2007
Published: March 18th 2007
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Football at RotheraFootball at RotheraFootball at Rothera

Rothera 11, versus the Morissons dream team, 26th of February 2007.
Hello again everyone, March already, where is the time going, well things are picking up down here, busy, busy and the work is still here also.
Rothera base has a well-established football team, this being the BAS (boys and girls), who challenge anyone on base to a game, very competitive bunch I must say. Well because the Morrisons builders, which have around 21 people on site, obviously the BAS team wanted a match to show their supremacy, Aimo (site project manager), asked for volunteers from the site to play a match with BAS, on the 26th of February, giving us a whole week to prepare and get a team together, wow, not all want to play football, and we did struggle to raise the 11 men required!!
But came the big day and it was very cold, I even played without my glasses on, that is how serious it was, mind I would have played better with them on, as my team mates did tell me, anyway after a very long and hard ninety minutes, yes we played a full game, the final score was
0-0, a very fair result, no winners, just two very knackered teams, great fun though!!
What a view!!What a view!!What a view!!

Rothera versus Morrisons, what an amazing football field with a view to die for, and we nearly did!!

One of my highlights down here so far was the night that, Lennie, Ian, Gregg and me went down the local crevasse, we had to do our basic rope training course, were we learn abseiling and how to jumar out of the crevasse also, all very exciting stuff eh!!

On the night the four of us and our intrepid guide (Peter the GA), these are trained people who can save your life if needed, headed to the mouth of the crevasse, we then got roped up and fitted our crampons to our ski- boots, we then one at a time abseiled down to the base of the crevasse, only about 8 metres, very cool! Once down there we are amazed to find that we can walk through the crevasse some 100 metres or maybe more, it was fantastic, beautiful blue ice, that would be thousands of years old, (well this is what our guide told us anyway!) You will see the picture of me getting stuck in a ice hole, mind I did have a bloody thick jacket on down there, a great night and thanks again to Peter our guide for an awesome night!!

The other
Me after the Crevasse!Me after the Crevasse!Me after the Crevasse!

Picture of me after climbing out of the crevasse, with the Rothera Reserch Staion behind me and it was bloody cold!
amazing stuff that we see down here is the awesome wildlife, penguins, seals, birds and just the other day Orcas, swimming around the bay here at Rothera, fantastic with a young orca keeping close to, I presume it parents, what a fantastic sight, wow we are very lucky down here, apart from the bloody work that is!!

What a full moon also eh, this picture was taken by one of the carpenters on the job (Dewi Edwards), who we are not talking to at the moment as the Welsh have just beat the English team in the Rugby, but great picture though mate! I did witness it and like I said on the picture, I thought of my lovely wife, who makes these special things possible, by being kind and caring and allowing me to leave her behind to come down and work here, thank you my love!!

Anyway that is my last journal for the end of February and the beginnings of March, there have been many other small events, mainly involving alcohol, which I will talk about in my next instalment, that is if anyone reads them that is!!

Take care all, look after each
Potholing down the CrevassePotholing down the CrevassePotholing down the Crevasse

Me stuck in a small hole, with my big jacket on, well that was my excuse anyway!!
other and tell each other how much you love one another, how does that sound Eon!

Bye for now


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Killer Whale and Calf in Bay at Rothera.Killer Whale and Calf in Bay at Rothera.
Killer Whale and Calf in Bay at Rothera.

What an amazing sight, a Killer whale swimming around the point, with it's calf keeping close by, beautiful!!
Full Moon over Rothera!Full Moon over Rothera!
Full Moon over Rothera!

Looked at this and thought of you Yvonne, the love of my life!!

21st March 2007

Very jealous of your photos wish i was working down there and traveling after again its over a year since me and minty left the fauklands and said good bye . keep it up and keep posting your blog you never know i might get a chance to beat you at a game of football antarctica style some day CRAGGY

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