September 7th 2006
Published: September 9th 2006
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The home stay in Sanasana turned out to be Tiki’s mother!- Liku. We got the boat back to the mainland , a taxi to town, a bus to a junction, and a taxi to the village. Our home was a corrugated metal room with 2 double beds a bunk bed, 3 piece suite, a table, fridge and gas stove. There was a long drop toilet and outdoor shower down the hill. We arrived late on Saturday. On Sunday we didn’t do much as the Fijians are strong Christians and go to church 3 times on a Sunday. There are lots of rules and customs that we are trying to learn so not to offend anyone. A few are-
No hats or sunglasses in the village
Long skirts and shoulders to be covered
Carry bags in hands not over shoulders
No swimming on Sunday morning
Prayer before meals.

Once again I found an used the local posh resort- it was about 10-15 minutes walk away at Natadola beach. The toilets were used every time we went down there and their bar. Natadola is a big sandy beach with big waves, quite touristy so you get people trying to sell you stuff. Near our house is some smaller beaches and a little island that in the morning you can wade out to. At Mana and here there is lots of coral and I have made a necklace (hours worth of beach time) out of it- although I don’t know how long it will last as the ‘beads’ are quite fragile (I found one for sale for $5 which is a bit more than a pound- still I made mine so it is much better!). It has been a great experience staying in a village but I couldn’t have done it by myself. Having the others here meant we could entertain each other in the evening- they all laughed at my mini deck of cards but they came in useful as did ‘Luke’s name game”.

Anyway we have all traveled back to Nadi and are about to go our separate ways- I fly out at 3 this afternoon to Tonga.
Thank you all for your messages.
Xx T

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Liku and ILiku and I
Liku and I

You can see the small island in the background.
The showerThe shower
The shower

Not many showers have a veiw this good!!
Kerstin and I washing our clothesKerstin and I washing our clothes
Kerstin and I washing our clothes

The traditional way. In Fiji the girls look after the boys- we ended up doing some of the boys clothes to!
Inside our homeInside our home
Inside our home

The kitchen area

9th September 2006

Left a comment at your last entry. Tonga kitten has arrived. YOur accommodation looks like the Tardis - bigger inside than out!! glad your having fun. love mumxx
13th September 2006

Beats first week of term-eh? I'm struggling with IEPs, Targets, AND its my assembly tomorrow.... Enjoy yourself!!!! love Annexxx
21st September 2006

Hey Tams! Sounds like you're having an amazing time out there. I leave for my travels in 2 weeks now so not long. Keep enjoying yourself and let me know if you still wanna meet in Sydney for New Year, love Beccy x

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